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Our nepali team in ACC Women’s Trophy

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on मंगलवार, जुलाई 10, 2007

Our nepali team in ACC Women’s Trophy



Now it’s time to see our ladies players playing cricket in ACC Women’s Trophy which is great news for our cricket and it is nice to see in field. Congratulation to them! and best of luck for the trophy….

It is thought that cricket is only the men’s game and it is impossible to see them to play cricket until few years back but it is changing so fast. now, it’s not surprise to see our sister practicing in the field which we can see streets and some ground with the boys.

ACC (Asian Cricket Council) is organising it’s first ever tournament for the women where 8 countries, expect India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, are competing for the trophy. The teams are from Bangaladesh, China, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is the first time to participate in a tournament for the all participants. So, every team can win but they need some good reasons to claim a possible winner.kpmain2007-6-19.jpg

Every people has their own idea to evalute about the possible winner.  Here, I have some     evalution about it, as I thought that every possible winner has to have it’s history, passion,   dedication and people to support for the team. In this way, I could say only Bangaladesh    and Nepal has upper hand, I don’t think any other team has it. Beating China is not enough to   claim title for Hongkong and home ground is not enough to Malaysia.

what do you think? Amn’t I right? or…………….


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