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The last league match against Hongkong

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on सोमवार, जुलाई 16, 2007

A match way to semifinal



  NEPAL has made a history moving forward to semifinal in it’s first appearance in international arena after beating so called ‘firm favorite’ Hongkong at last league match in ACC Women’s Tournament. It will meet China in it’s semifinal clash which could be little easy to handle than Bangladesh.

This win against Hongkong means, NEPAL topped the group with 2 wins and a tie which earned 10 point against Hongkong’s 8 point. Earlier this match, Nepal had a tie against Malaysia in lowly 73 runs, a team which is beaten by Hongkong very badly. and everybody thought that it is very expensive to play with Hongkong first But NEPAL has diffirent idea and hurry to rub in the field.



  After winning the toss, Hongkong captain chose to bat first but nepali captain Nary and Neera made it very bad decision. 6 runs on the board at 3rd over of the match, they lost their most reliable batsman who hit 71 in their first match. Then the house of cards collapse began. one by one, turn by turn, they started come and go theory. only 2 digit scorer was Keenu Gill and her score was 10 that means no other than her even touch 2 digit mark and whole team collapse at merely 31 runs in 23.5 overs.

  Then it started batting practice for NEPAL which is very required and they used it very well. being patient and calm to chase that score. Between that they lost first wicket in end of 11 over and scoring 10 runs. and then came partnership for victory that led to 29 where NEPAL lost both partners and time for captain Nary to score a winning boundary.



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