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A discussion about Nepali Cricket

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on बिहिवार, अगस्ट 30, 2007

First of all congratulation for Forth consecutive u19 title, we salute you the TEAM NEPAL.

This is the time to sing our national anthem सयौं थुंगा फुलका हामी…

I saw the discussion in cricket fanclub site between players and our fan members so, I want to put my some points on that.

Actually I disagree with Nik123 ji and Bhaarat ji, in the case of Kanishka going to study aboard, I think he never had told that I won’t come back Nepal or I went USA to get green card. I just went for his further study which is not questionable but it is sure that he went in wrong time. When he went his country Nepal needs him very much but you could not blame as because of him we lost the tournament. Kanishka, who is carrying his bat with Ponting’s signature to the USA, is not be blamed as going for the money there because he plays and practices which will help after coming back to Nepal. I strongly support if our players want to go aboard to play wherever that is. What do you think if some players want to go to play for foreign league, then is it for money or…? One thing is sure that he will serve our country later which we have to welcome as he gets matured and experiences. I think we should allow the players if they want to play in controversial Indian Cricket League, even I want to say to all players to apply there to play. You are not sachin, lara etc. to get contacted you should try for that.

I like his nick name ‘Nepal cricket’ as well which shows he still love our nation and its cricket.

Want to ask Kanishka when he was in country I don’t think he had made any century but in USA you claimed 2 centuries there. How could it be possible? Does it mean that our bowlers strong enough or other any reasons? And interestingly you told that you have played against the West Indian bowler Franklin Rose, how many bowl did you face and how many runs score against him? Did you get out to him?

About yesterday’s discussion, some our players not being satisfied with the facility or income what they get from the country. Which I am totally disagreed, I think the players, who are not satisfied, are free do anything whatsoever they do. I know that it will hurts our national cricket for those particular dates after some time it will recover as when Kanishka left our cricket, it hurt the country which he belongs to but that is fulfilled now, you may know we have a famous say “कालो गए गोरो आँउछ”. I want to ask all the players, what do you want from the country? What kind of future security you need? Is it Cash reward or monthly salary? How much 1000/5000/10000/50000/100000 do you need till death? Then think how many sports and players are in country? In your mean they all have to be paid till death then what the amount would be? Does that afford able to our country which itself very poor.

If you are not satisfied then you could not concentrate and give your best to the match. So, first be satisfied or if not then go out. Stop demanding and just focus on your job, first you have to do something then you could demand or give us test status first then your demand will be automatically fulfill even you don’t have to ask. At this moment, whenever you went to play with UAE always get beaten and even with Qatar, Afghanistan, Fiji, PNG etc. Now I understand that why Nepal always lost the match in crucial moments?

I want to request all of the players or our comment maker friends to put your view on it. The players have not to be afraid of CAN, feel free, you don’t need false name.  Come with your real name it could make our forum live. If you are penalized for writing here then write to us about that we assure that we will defend you.


6 Responses to “A discussion about Nepali Cricket”

  1. Hellow Benstinga

    Thanks for ur comment, which made me get be active in Blogging.

  2. Thanks for comment

    but i am not active on blogging.

    I am also prefer Kanishka to play for NEPAL.

  3. benstinga said

    The door is still open for Kanishka to play for Nepal again and I think he will.

  4. Hail!

    What do you think about Apple Iogo? >:)

  5. chiran said

    ramro chha, tara yo nik123 ra bharat ji bhanne chai kahabata aayo hau

  6. no comment said

    i agree with ur view. keep blogging on other hot topics also. not only crickrt

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