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Road to World Cup 11′

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on बिहिवार, जनवरी 31, 2008


Now, we are just ahead of our road to world cup11′ where we start it playing world league div. 5 in Jersey on May. But still I could not see any proper preparation planning for our seniors. I am really surprised about what the CAN is thinking. Are they really want to play in world cup or what? What the matter? or do they think, Nepal is strong enough to beat mighty USA, Afghanistan or even home country Jersey?

I am surprised when i saw their schedule of play, why aren’t they taking seriously about time. I think we are already short of time, our next important tournament is coming very quickly, still we are not moving quickly towards that. why are they waiting for March 15 to get start national league. After starting our national league onwards from march 15 then we could select players in end of march only. then where is the time for proper training. we may have one month camp then we have to move to england prior going to Jersey. I dont understand why are we stickwith one month camp. what does CAN think, one month course will help to go to world cup? Or Has CAN already withdrawn the chances to fight for World Cup place? why does not CAN be serious?

About National League, is it again scheduled in 2 groups league where we have only six teams to compete? Cant CAN afford to have league in full version? where a player can play atleast 5 games rather than 2 games. It would be fair to all players to show their talents. And I want to say that dont take any players for their names. just like now Sharad and Paresh are not in good touch and if they dont play good in national league then dont select them. now I am impressed with Sobhakant Pandey, he is very consistant, who is he? where was he before?

In a Bangali fan site, where fans are raising a issue whether our Nepalese team go to Bangladeshi League or to play some matches with Bangali ‘A’ team or Academy team. They said their academy team just finished a tour in Hongkong on their’s request. So, Cant CAN request Bangladeshi Board to invite us to their league or to send their A team. 

If CAN is really serious about World Cup, then take it as a chance to be better prepared. I usually amased thinking that if we are selected for World Cup then we can claim our group match to organise ourselves which is going to happen in south asia.

Then we could say: A real World Cup will come to NEPAL.


2 Responses to “Road to World Cup 11′”

  1. ya’that’s why I want to raise this issue to the CAN.
    I also mailed about it but I could not able to get any reply but still believe they will take seriously.

  2. Fast Bowler said

    WHat the hell is this???I am a great fan of cricket….though I am not in my country ..i always follw news of cricket from nepal as well as other countries.I really liked the topic raised by
    Prabin the sovit…..ya why this CAN is not serious about cricket…its not a joke to qualify for the world cup….by just giving 1 month time for the big game is not enough…….I don’t know why….CAN is not giving serious attention to our national format game….i think they are just doing for the formality….Just playing 2 game and selecting national team is not right….how can CAN judge players just looking them playing 2 games?Is it fair…..A good player can fail to score or take wicket in 2 games….is this mean he will miss chance to play game for our nation….there shoudl be fair amount of game for player to show is talent….2 game can’t give player to show talent………I am eagerly waiting for the next world U-19 world cup in malaysia….but i have doubt in our players ability to bat…..I have no doubt in our bowlers and filders but our players always fail to get good run….i think this is going to be our weak point..We have potential to beat test playing nation ..only we need is self belief…hope we can do well….waiting for this great event….


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