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Preparation OF Our U19 TEAM

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on शुक्रवार, फ्रेवुअरी 1, 2008

Our U19 Players are now in training camp, and this time around they are getting more time for training than before but still just 15 days more.

Inbetween the training period, our team had toured Bangladesh to play 3 matches with their U19. It is nice to have such tour prior  a tournament which we have to appriciate CAN, where our team had played 2 matches and one is abondoned due to rain. So, here I want to analyse those matches which we lost both comprehensively.

 In the first match, after winning the toss, our captain Paras Khadka decided to bowl first. here I doubt, this is his decision to bowl because I think, being bowling specialist side, we need more batting practice and the pitch was known as flat track. Nepal started well as Bangladesh were 2 down for 35 in 8.1 overs and our opening bowlers sharing the wickets but after that no success in bowling till late overs. From that point Bangladesh started dominating with bat for planty of run from other bowlers. None of  the bowlers were able to get hold in the match. In the late overs, again the opening bowlers came to the party with 1 more wicket each and Bangladeshi innings ended 302 for 4 in alloted 50 overs. Then Nepal came out to chase a very big target, Nepal started inning very causiously and slowly and got the first blow in 3.5 overs 4 runs in the board. Then Anil and Gyanendra tried to build a partnership but very slowly and asking rate is climbing high then started to loose their wickets in regular interval and ended for 191 run in full quota of overs. Where Anil scored 48 and missed his half century by 2 runs, 2nd highest score was 36 by Paras and Pushpa, who was not out in 23 runs. Here is the full scorecard: http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Scorecards/158/158299.html

Being bowling specialist side, Nepalese bowlers could not got any hold on the match and give away lot of run. Para was the most successful bowler with 10-1-40-2. Batting is the weak ever for Nepal and this match is not exception as well. No batsmen dares to strike a bowl with the great heart, just bats always as a loosing side.

2nd scheduled match was abondoned because of rain.

And in 3rd match, once again Nepal won the toss, as usual our captain does who is very lucky to win most tosses, decided to bat this time. The match was reduced to 39 overs due to wet outfield, Nepal started very slow and loose mahesh early again, score was 7 in 5 overs and responsibility came to Anil and Gyanendra but this time they could not do anything. Nepal lost their wicket regularly and got out for 109 in 38.1 overs. Pushpa hit 25 as highest runs for the team who hit 23 not out in privious match.  Then, Bangladeshi came out to chase and taste the real standard of Nepali bowling. It was Abhay who hit the opening pair both and Paras bowled the other end with a wicket. At a stage Bangali team was 37 for 5 in16.3 overs then came the century hitter Mithun in privious match and steal the match from Nepal, he made 30 runs in 42 balls for backbone to their innings and Bangladesh won by 3 wickets. Here is the scorecard for 3rd game: http://cricketarchive.com/Archive/Scorecards/158/158301.html

In this 3rd match, our bowlers showed what are they deserve but it was batting who let the series to Bangladesh.

From this series, I believe our team has learnt alot. I think our batting is the problem which has to be sort out. Our opening pair is not working, so it should be changed. I think we need more batsmen in our lineup so I prefer for 8 batsmen with wicketkeeper batsmen because we have good allrounder to bowl. I have not seen, our wicketkeeper Mahesh has done well in opening, he just consume bowls only no strike at all.

Here I want to put lineup for coming matches:

1. Anil Mandal
2. Subash Pradhan
3. Gyanendra Malla
4. Paras Khadka
5. Mahesh Chhetri 
6. Antim Thapa
7. Pushpa Thapa
8. Aakash Gupta
9. Rahul BK
10. Abhay Rana
11. Amrit Bhattarai 

Our full squad for the Youth World Cup:

Paras Khadka (Captain), Gyanedra Malla (vice-captain), Mahesh Kumar Chhetri, Raj Shrestha, Amrit Bhattarai, Avay Rana, Akash Kumar Gupta, Sagar Khadka, Antim Thapa, Rom Shrestha, Chandra Saud, Rahul Kumar BK, Anil Kumar Mandal, Puspa Thapa and Subash Pradhan.
Sunam Gautam, Santosh Baral, and Nirmal Simangauda are named as reserves

Putdown your lineup whatever you want


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