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What would happen if our captain decides to bat first?

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on बुधवार, फ्रेवुअरी 20, 2008

Everybody knows, what is the main problem of Nepal? It is Batting, which is always hampering our cricket. It is vary rare that we had won the match because of batting and a very few matches are won by chasing the target.

Till now, we have batted second in both matches against Australia and Sri lank a where we bowled good and batted worst.  In first match, we lost the toss so nothing to say but in second match we won, so we can easily opt to bat first, it means there is no pressure to bat on and we had very long batting line up and Australian could feel pressure to bat second and our bowlers could get more points to get wickets.

We always do well when we bowl but when comes about batting, it usually collapse as house of cards. And then why our captains opt to bat first specially after knowing the fact that our strength is bowling rather than batting. We can’t depend on batting to win the match but easily on bowling if some runs are there to defend. Our captains must know that our batsmen can’t bat in pressure and chasing is always pressurising your batsmen then why do you want to do same again and again.

You may notice in recent tour of our U19 team to Bangladesh where in first match we batted second and lost very poorly and in third match we batted first, again lost but in very competitive manner even our bowlers had to defend very low score.

It is nice to bat first when you are in practice match or with same or below level team but I strongly prefer we have to bat against superior team in whatever the match condition is.

What you guys think?


2 Responses to “What would happen if our captain decides to bat first?”

  1. If it happen then it would be the first challange to Nepal..

    I wud be happy to see match with Malaysia in plate qf but infact, dont wish to loose further matches so nevermind. Zibabweian should be crushed

  2. Efaz said

    If Nepal win the match against Namibia tomorrow, they will be facing Zimbabwe in the plate qf.

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