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Shorter and smaller World Cup proposed

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on बिहिवार, फ्रेवुअरी 21, 2008

(News from Cricinfo) 

The ICC chief executive’s committee has recommended that the 2010-11 World Cup in Asia is reduced from 16 to 14 teams and is cut down from 47 to 38 days.

If approved by the ICC Board during their meeting on March 18, the plans mean the next World Cup will be nine days shorter than the Caribbean event which was slammed by players, spectators and the media for being unwieldy in size and length.

The suggested new format involves two groups of seven teams with the top four from each group progressing to a knock-out phase that includes quarter-finals, semi-finals and a final. In the 2007 World Cup there were four groups of four followed by the Super Eights.

A large number of the Super Eight matches were one-sided because Ireland and Bangladesh progressed from their groups and the new group format should ensure less chance of an early upset – such as Ireland beating Pakistan – from having a major impact on the tournament.

The reduction to 14 teams means that two of the Associate slots will be lost, which won’t go down well with those countries below the top level.

The committee also unanimously approved a proposal prepared by ICC management on the greater use of technology in decision-making. This proposal, which was drawn up following directions from the ICC Cricket Committee, suggests the trialing of an “umpire decision review system” during a Test series.

MCC has already offered the England-South Africa Test at Lord’s in July as an opportunity for a trial. If the trial is given the go-ahead detailed playing conditions will be developed in consultation with the ICC Cricket Committee.

During the meeting in Kuala Lumpur it was also agreed that ICC will take a zero-tolerance approach to inappropriate public comment and abusive behavior by players, team officials and individual board members.

The ICC’s Code of Conduct already outlaws “public criticism of, or inappropriate comment on a match-related incident or match official” and also “using language that is obscene, offensive or of a seriously insulting nature to another player, umpire, referee, team official or spectator”.

Recent cases of inappropriate public comment by players, team and board officials were discussed at the meeting.

“I welcome the members’ commitment to the enforcement of the code,” said Malcolm Speed, the ICC chief executive. “I will be writing to umpires and referees, as well as member country CEOs, next week to inform them officially of this decision.”


One Response to “Shorter and smaller World Cup proposed”

  1. It is almost sure that ICC wants to reduce in number of qualifiers from ICC Trophy.

    Here I want to prefer that they should cut 2 more places of last ranked full members and send them to fight in ICC Trophy and qualify.

    Cutting places for qualifier wont be fair enough, where an associate member Ireland is ranked above than a full members. It means, the last ranked team are also good enough and should go through qualification round. It may gives more competitive teams for the World Cup.

    The equation should be 8 full members + 6 Qualifier = 14 Teams

    It may give Associates teams some satisfaction over getting less places and ask to fight to go through to World Cup.

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