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Nepalese Blind Cricketer’s tour to Pakistan

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on बुधवार, मार्च 5, 2008

Now, our Blind Cricketer are under tour to Pakistan to prepare theirselves for first World Cup of its kind. where they are going to play 3 matches with pakistani team. 

In the first their match, according to The Himalayan Post, Nepal lost by nine wickets against hosts Pakistan in the International Blind Cricket Tournament in Bhawalpur on Tuesday. Batting first, Nepal were all out for 137 in 29.1 overs with Kausal Rayamajhi scoring 19 and Bikram 12 runs. In reply, Pakistan surpassed the total in 17 overs losing one wicket. Man of the match Gulam Farid scored unbeaten 60 runs for Pakistan.

3 Responses to “Nepalese Blind Cricketer’s tour to Pakistan”

  1. नेपाल विजयी

    काठमाडौं, (नेपालसमाचारपत्र)।

    नौ एकदिवसीय शृङ्खलाका लागि पाकिस्तान भ्रमणमा रहेको नेपालको नेत्रहीन क्रिकेट टोलीले तेस्रो खेलमा विजय हात पारेको छ।

    नेपाली टोलीले इस्लामाबादको टोलीलाई बलआउटमा पराजित गरेको हो। इस्लामाबादस्थित पीएएफ मैदानमा नेपालले निर्धारित २० ओभर खेल्दै २ विकेटको क्षतिमा १ सय ९९ रन बनँएको थियो¬ जसमा विक्रमबहादुर रानाले ६२, म्यान अफ द म्याच कृतन श्रेष्ठले ६८ र अमर ओलीले २८ रन बनाएका थिए।

    पाकिस्तानले पनि १ सय ९९ नै रन बनँएपछि खेल टाइ भई बलआउटमा निर्णय गरिएको थियो। नेपालका लागि जयसागर गिरी र पवन घिमिरेले १/१ विकेट लिएका थिए।

  2. नेपाली दृष्टिविहीनको अर्को हार

    काठमाडौं, (नेपाल समाचारपत्र)।

    कप्तान कृतन श्रेष्ठले उत्कृष्ट ब्याटिङ प्रदर्शन गरे पनि नेपाल पाकिस्तानमा भइरहेको अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय दृष्टिविहीन क्रिकेटको दोस्रो खेलमा पनि पराजित भएको छ।

    भावलपुरमा नेपाल घरेलु टोली पाकिस्तानसँग १० विकेटले पराजित भयो। कप्तान कृतनले अविजित ९९ रन बनाएपछि टस जितेर ब्याटिङ गरेको नेपालले ४० ओभर पूरा खेल्दै ९ विकेटमा १ सय ८३ रन बनाएको थियो।

    त्यसलाई पाकिस्तानले बिनाक्षतिमा १८.२ ओभरभित्रै पार गरेर विजय हात पार्दा मोहम्मद एसानले ७५ रन बनाएका थिए।

    भावलपुरको दुईदिवसीय शृङ्खलामा नेपाल पराजय भए पनि कप्तान कृतन म्यान अफ द सिरिज भए। पाकिस्तानी मोहम्मद ऐसान (बी-१) र गुलाम फारिज (बी-२) पनि म्यान अफ द सिरिज नै भए।

  3. CAN’s official site writes:

    The blind cricket team of Nepal is leaving for Pakistan to play nine friendly matches from March 1-18.
    On the eve of their departure, Australian Ambassador to Nepal Graeme Lade and President of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) Binay Raj Pandey gave away cricket equipment to the team here on Tuesday. The cricket kits were made available by the Australian government through the embassy here.
    The team will play seven one-day matches and two Twenty20 matches against the regional teams in different cities including Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, said Pawan Ghimire, Chairman of Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal.
    Kirtan Shrestha is the skipper, Ghimire will accompany the team as manager of the 20-member squad that is leaving on Wednesday. Ganga Prasad Poudel and Birendra Singh Mahara are the coaches of the team. “This tour will be helpful for us as we are preparing for the World Cup slated for UK in August 2009,” said Ghimire.
    Australian Ambassador Lade said he was happy to get the opportunity to help Nepali cricket. “Being a cricket fan myself, I am satisfied with the cricket development here,” he said. “This is just a small assistance to CAN for the development of grassroot cricket, women cricket and the disadvantaged group including visually impaired group,” he added. He also wished the team every success and hoped that the team would win trophy.

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