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Schedule for ICC World Cricket League Div. (V)

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on शुक्रवार, मे 16, 2008

icc wcl 5

Tournament Schedule


Preliminary Phase


Group A

Group B



germany  Germany

























Friday 23 May

USA v Mozambique (Farmers Field)
Nepal v Germany (Les Quennevais 1)
Norway v Vanuatu (FB Fields)

Afghanistan v Japan (Victoria College)
Jersey v Singapore (Grainville)
Bahamas v Botswana (Les Quennevais 2)


Saturday 24 May

USA v Norway (Victoria College)
Nepal v Mozambique (Grainville)
Germany v Vanuatu (Farmers Field)

Afghanistan v Bahamas (Les Quennevais 1)
Jersey v Japan (Les Quennevais 2)
Singapore v Botswana (FB Fields)


Sunday 25 May

Rest Day

Monday 26 May

USA v Vanuatu (Grainville)
Nepal v Norway (Farmers Field)
Germany v Mozambique (Victoria College)

Afghanistan v Botswana (Les Quennevais 2)
Jersey v Bahamas (FB Fields)
Singapore v Japan (Les Quennevais 1)


Tuesday 27 May

USA v Germany (Grainville)
Nepal v Vanuatu (Victoria College)
Norway v Mozambique (Les Quennevais 1)

Afghanistan v Singapore (FB Fields)
Jersey v Botswana (Farmers Field)
Bahamas v Japan (Les Quennevais 2)


Wednesday 28 May

USA v Nepal (Les Quennevais 1)
Norway v Germany (Les Quennevais 2)
Vanuatu v Mozambique (FB Fields)

Afghanistan v Jersey (Grainville)
Bahamas v Singapore (Victoria College)
Botswana v Japan (Farmers Field)


Thursday 29 May

Rest Day





Semi-Finals & Finals

Friday 30 May

Semi-Final 1: A1 v B2 (Grainville)
Semi-Final 2: A2 v B1 (FB Fields)
Semi-Final 3: A3 v B4 (Les Quennevais 1)
Semi-Final 4: A4 v B3 (Les Quennevais 2)
Semi-Final 5: A5 v B6 (Farmers Field)
Semi-Final 6: A6 v B5 (Victoria College)



Saturday 31 May

Final (Grainville)
3rd-4th Place: (Farmers Field)
5th-6th Place: (FB Fields)
7th-8th Place: (Victoria College)
9th-10th Place: (Les Quennevais 1)
11th-12th Place: (Les Quennevais 2)




2 Responses to “Schedule for ICC World Cricket League Div. (V)”

  1. nabinnews said

    come on cheer for Nepal
    यो जित कस्को नेपाल को
    i luv my country.

  2. Nishchal said

    Do u have idea about other teams?
    Can Nepal defeat them?
    We should pray for victory otherwise we should wait 4 more years to see Nepal in Worldcup.

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