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Today’s match against Germany

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on शुक्रवार, मे 23, 2008

The opening day of the tournament where Nepal is fighting against europion member Germany at Les Quennevais 1, Jersey.

Nepal is hoping to be in the final which will provide them to play in Division 4, want to see off germany very handsomely. Nepal had played once against Germany and won the match in ICC Trophy 2001 in Canada and want to do same in jersey as well.

Nepal has moral boosting practice matches against Pakistani Academy Team, Bahamas and Guernsey. Let’s see what happen today for NEPAL.



15 Responses to “Today’s match against Germany”

  1. after all we won the match by 7 wickets in 20.2 overs.

    that means our net run rate is +2.06

    it could be lot better if they concerned about it…

  2. now it’s lunch there.
    but it is 10.30 pm in South Korea…

    NEPAL 41 for 2 in 11 overs

    guys, chase it quickly, net run rate is very important for us. wickets are not so important for us now

  3. Poor batting again…
    what is this 31 for 2 in 9 overs

    isnt there any batmen to score quick run and attack them

  4. Nepal replying Germany’s 69

    10 runs for 1 in 4 overs

    Bad start again in slow rate

    go there for either best run rate or batting practice

  5. wow! it’s all out the Germanies.

    they made mere 69 in 39.4 overs

    it is a very good bowling display by our Bowlers led by Mahboob Alam
    Weldone guys! keep it up.

    and chase it as soon as possible to get best run rate which will be count at last.

  6. After 37 overs, 64 runs for 7 wickets

  7. After 33 overs, 54 runs for 7 wickets

  8. After 32 overs, 50 runs for 6 wickets

  9. After 26 overs, 48 runs for 6 wickets

    go Nepal go

    pack them in 50

  10. Toss: Germany, choose to bat

    After 20 overs, 42 runs for 5 wickets

    They listened my request and put the bowler who took the wickets

    Mehboob Alam finished his quota with 10-1-24-3

  11. Toss: Germany, choose to bat

    After 19 overs, 42 runs for 5 wickets

    Keep it up guys

    pack them within 50 runs

  12. Toss: Germany, choose to bat

    After 16 overs, 31 runs for 4 wickets

    Nepal is firing there! thump up guys

  13. Toss: Germany, choose to bat

    After 13 overs, 25 runs for 4 wickets

  14. Toss: Germany, choose to bat

    After 8 overs, 18 runs for 3 wickets

  15. Toss: Germany, choose to bat

    After 5 overs, 11 runs for 2 wickets

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