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NEPAL vs. Mozambique

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on शनिवार, मे 24, 2008

After winning first very easily, now it’s turn to wrap up Mozambique. The match is going be held at Grainville in 3.45 pm NST.

The venue for this match is also host the final, so Nepal could gain it’s behavior prior to final. It could be a very experience against Mozambique who survived yesterday being at 74 for 5 in 40 overs to 148 for 7 in all quota of 50 overs. It shows how depth batting they have which could cause some problem for Nepal.

The match will be live ball by ball updated at http://www.cricketeurope4.net/WCL5/index.shtml. let see then what happen there?


11 Responses to “NEPAL vs. Mozambique”

  1. hellow guys

    here is the world record by our NEPALI bowler as MAHBOOB ALAM took all wickets of Mozambique.

    congrats to all

    here we are, wait we will show what we are

  2. hellow

    eye bro up

    Alam is firing. he has got 4 already and in hattrik

  3. Hellow guys

    look at http://www.cricketeurope4.net/LIVE/1/live.shtml

    here is live ball by ball update

    enjoy it

    thanz cricketeurope.com

    and we had already claimed 2 wickets through Mahboob Alam

  4. at last our batmen showing they can bat as well.
    after all 50 overs Nepal put 238 for 7. Gyanendra was the highest run getter with 71 runs and fallowed by paras’s 44.
    Actually, it is really incredable that Nepal once 83 for 3 in 25 overs but the next 25 overs produce 155 runs and last 10 overs produce unbelievable 93 runs which is very rare in nepali cricket. Congrat guys. keep it on.
    Go for the Tons. You can also make centuries after century.

  5. worse batting again there.
    now in 11 overs NEPAL lost very important 3 wickets for 30 runs.
    what is going there? If nepali batsmen cant play against Mozambique then what can expect against other?

  6. Hellow guys!

    here is game start again now.
    but it is little bit disappointing that we have lost the toss again and we have to bat first then it will take lot of time to finish the match and there is little time to play where rain always threatening.

  7. sates said

    nepal must be win

  8. but i prefer to chase as quickly as possible rather than presurbing the wicket. it doesnot matter whether we lost single wicket or more, we just need to do in less overs. it will help our net run rate good.

  9. nishchal said

    Oh its raining
    Guys lets pray to god Indra to stop the rain.
    Now Nepal have to get this run without losing any wickets.
    Lets hope 4 it.

  10. wow! another low score.
    Undoubtly, we have a great bowling side which proved today as well.
    Today’s hero, once again Basant Regmi comes with 5-8 runs. and well supported by Captain Binod K. Das for 5-16.
    Mozambique are bowled out for 70 runs in 28.5 overs.
    congratulation guys. good work. keep it up!

    and try to wrap up the things quickly. we need much more good net run rate.
    best of luck..

  11. Now, it’s 61 for 8 in 25 overs for Mozambique. Today, Mozambique won the toss and elected to bat first. but Nepalese Bowlers made the decision wrong, picking wickets regular intervals.
    yesterday also they survived from the initial scary and let’s what happen today.
    In other venue, rain is causing the problem and yet nothing in this match. I am praying for good weather where Nepal can snatch 2 very important points.

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