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Photoes of Alam’s Record of 10 wickets haul

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on सोमवार, मे 26, 2008

Here is the photoes of the amasing record set by Mahboob Alam

all the photoes are courtesy of cricketeurope.com








First to Go, Imran got bowled for 0 at 0 on the board in 1.0 overs

2nd to go, Karim also got bowled for same 0 at 1 on the board in 2.1 overs








3rd victim, survive from first hattrick chance but struck front of stumps, Sidat for 0 at 6 on the board in 5.0 overs

4th one, Gulam for 0 at 8 on the board in 6.1 overs







5th to go, Kovara also caght infront of Wicket fo 0 at 9 on the board in 7.0 overs and survive from another chance for hattrick

6th on target, caught in front of the wicket, Qadir goes for 0 at 12 on the board in 10.2 overs





7th gone, the highest scorer syed shah went edging to Wicketkeeper for 9 at 19 on the board in 13.0 overs



8th also bowled, Puspussen couldn’t survived for 0 at 19 on the board, no runs added in 14.1 overs



9th to go, Koliya got bowled as well for 0 at 19,

couldn’t able to any on the board but survived from 3rd hattrick chance in 19.3 overs





The Final wicket for Alam, The History made, Lili bowled for 0 at 19 on the board in 14.5 overs




3 Responses to “Photoes of Alam’s Record of 10 wickets haul”

  1. hediye said


    […]Photoes of Alam’s Record of 10 wickets haul « A Nepali passion for cricket[…]…

  2. ahmed said

    what a bowling by mahboob alam mahboob is a nice boy nice character he is my good friend

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