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CAN selects squad for ACC Trophy

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on शुक्रवार, जुलाई 4, 2008


Cricket Association of Nepal has selected a 14-member final squad and four reserve players for the upcoming ACC Trophy Elite Cup.

The selection committee headed by Bijaya Kumar Sharma selected the squad after the closed camp with Kanishka Chaugain, who just returned from the United States, replacing Dhirendra Chand.


  1. Binod Kumar Das (captain),
  2. Paras Khadka,
  3. Shakti Gauchan,
  4. Mahboob Alam,
  5. Basanta Regmi,
  6. Sanjam Regmi,
  7. Amrit Bhattarai,
  8. Deependra Chaudhary,
  9. Raj Kumar Pradhan,
  10. Paresh Lohani,
  11. Kanishka Chaugain,
  12. Gyanendra Malla,
  13. Sharad Vesawkar and
  14. Mahesh Chhetri.

Reserves: Dhirendra Chand, Raj Shrestha, Manjeet Shrestha and Yashwant Subedi.


2 Responses to “CAN selects squad for ACC Trophy”

  1. Heloo dear and very sweet readers !!!!!!!!!!

    I just want to ask u readers about the acc tropht going on in malaysia what do u think which teams will be in final ?

    just reply me dear or call me

    Ok I don’t waste more time of u dear readers all the best…
    Best Regards: Mohammad Sadiq “Kakar ” From Mazar-e-Sharif Afghanistan, if u had any thing to tell me surely contact me at my numbers +93778313720— +93708569806 I will be at ur service

  2. yes, should be selected, i guess

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