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NEPAL books a place in Semi Final

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on मंगलवार, जुलाई 29, 2008

After today’s match between Qatar and Kuwait, which Qatar won by 24 runs, it comforms a place in Semi Final for NEPAL.

Now, with 3 wins out of 3 matches played by NEPAL, got 6 points, Hongkong has 4 points out of 3 matches,  Singapore and Kuwait got equally 2 points from their 3 matches and Qatar has 2 points from all their matches they got. One match left for other 4 teams, where they can get maximum 2 points more so except Hongkong, no other team will get to us.

Now, it is cleared that NEPAL in the semifinal, now the only question remain as whom to play against in there. Would it be Afghanistan or UAE? If it be Afghanistan then it will be sweeter time to get revenge of Jersey’s chokes. Now, our batting has improved alot from there and lot of confident on it. It won’t be that hard to chase 142 or even 200 runs on the board. If batted first then it will be horrobly wrong for Afghani this time, Nepal won’t be any kind to you. Pack your bags, the time has come to go back home.

For UAE, you are not unbeatable anymore… and now NEPAL is not that NEPAL anymore which you beat comfortably. This is the right time for us to lift the title, no one can challenge us anymore.


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