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TEAM NEPAL starts winning at ACC U19 Elite Cup

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on बुधवार, अप्रील 22, 2009

The TEAM NEPAL has begun winning their to the title against Saudi Arabia by 137 runs.

This is very good start of the tournament to boost their confidence high, though Saudis are not as strong as others but still win is the win which matters most.

Earlier, Nepal won the toss and elected to bat first to give more batting practice to their batsmen which they didn’t get prior to the tournament. Suddenly, lack of batting practice has shown asupper order again failed and gave responsibility to lower order batsmen to keep NEPAL’s head high which is happily accepted by Amrit, a bowler, who aggressively hit his Carrier best 82 runs with 9 fours and 2 sixes. And he was well supported, partnering 76 runs, by Chandra Saut, another bowler, with 28 valuable runs. Second highest score of Nepalese inning was 38, made by Rom Shrestha and Captain Gyanendra chipped away for 20, who recently made a century against MCC in 3 days match in kathmandu. Nepal finished it’s inning for 233 runs before being bowled out in 49 overs which Saudi’s bowler Waqas took 5 wickets for 35 runs.

Then, it’s turn for our bowlers to defend 200 plus score which is always be easy and they rattled out them for mere 96 runs in 38.3 overs. here, Nepalese specialist batsman Anil Mandal surprising took 2 wickets for 9 runs, Sagar and Lal Bahadur Adhikari also took same 2 wickets and 2 batsmen were got run out.

A big congratulation to winning team NEPAL for getting first win comprehensively, keep doing same…
Well done guys.


3 Responses to “TEAM NEPAL starts winning at ACC U19 Elite Cup”

  1. How do we analyse this performance?

    Bowlers are in batting role and specialist Batsmen are in Bowling. What does it mean?

    Ya, it’s really worrying things to be solved quickly, Batsmen are not getting runs and we can’t always rely on Bowlers only.

    I want to see changes in the team with more batsmen. I would prefer Sunny Pun and Anupam Singh instead of Sagar and Lal Bdr. As todays games our batsmen can bowl good enough to restrict any team, no need of extra bowlers.

  2. crayt21 said

    This is very disappointing! Nepal were at one time 76/7 against the lowly Saudi Arabia. If our batting cannot hold up to a team like the Saudis, I doubt we will reach the final.

  3. crayt21 said

    It’s awesome that we beat Saudi Arabia but they were the minnows team that got promoted from the Challenge Cup. To see how good our team actually is, we will need to beat Malaysia to know how strong we really are. And our top order batsmen need to get some runs on the board without losing wickets. We cannot always rely on the bowlers to build up a total.

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