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Our TEAM NEPAL has posted 186 to chase to pathans

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on बुधवार, अप्रील 29, 2009

Nepal has made good 186 runs for the lost of 8 wickets in their alloted 50 overs.

Nepal started shaky as they lost openers very early, and got some resistance but then fell in regular intervals. In the end of 10 overs Nepal was 39 for 2 wickets and 60 for 2 in 15 overs. Then they started blocking all the bowls keeping their wickets intact. But loosing wickets in between, Nepal unable to gear up till 45 overs.

Then they started attacking as  they scored 48 runs in last 5 overs and ended with 186 for 8 wickets in whole 50 overs.  Here, at last Prithu got a very proudable score of 81 runs who was well supported by Rom with 28 runs.

Now, it’s turn to our Bowlers to stop the pathans to go pass and get a quilification for the another quilification round for Youth World Cup where Nepal has a very good past.

Let’s see what happen there….


14 Responses to “Our TEAM NEPAL has posted 186 to chase to pathans”

  1. bishnu kandel said

    we r pray ti win nepal
    nepali boys are fighting there so i wish to my country

  2. bishnu kandel said

    nepal need to win, only win, because nepal can not loose everday

  3. Shayan (Afghanistan) said


    I guess you should not be sorry. Nepal’s World Cup dream is over, at least for this time.

  4. welcome Afghani guys in my blog.

    ya’ no one is expected that Nepal gonna loose any match but it is past.
    This is another diffirent day so as they result..

    sorry guys…..

  5. Shayan (Afghanistan) said

    Actually, no one was expecting Nepal to confront Afghanistan in the semi-final, because Nepal was on top of Group A before the match with Honk Kong. After that defeat, Nepal and Afghanistan (one of them) are exposed to the risk of elimination by another. Let’s see what happens. It is sad to see one team is not making to the World Cup Qualifier. Both teams are strong sides and they showed their strength during the group stage and previous tournaments.

  6. afzal said

    if god willing we will be the winner (afghanistan)

  7. I think, we have good enough bowlers to retrict them below 150.

    we were known as a bowling side in the past.

  8. Offcourse,

    No doubt on that, only what’s the margin will be diffirence…

  9. deepak said

    first 15 over deside a math

  10. lovecricket said

    hey prabin, wat u think? will Nepal win the match?

  11. deepak said

    no thike update pls update yar

  12. sorry Deepak,

    the source of score from http://www.cricketkuwait.com/livescore.html, no other source to know.

    Actually, I want to call at ground, Kuwait but no phone no.s…
    if anyone has…

  13. deepak said


  14. deepak said


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