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Posted by Prabin the सोभित on शुक्रवार, अक्टोबर 30, 2009

Good or Bad: Annapurna Post selects Nepali Cricket Team (in batting order): 1. Mehboob Alam 2. Paresh Lohani 3. Dipendra Chaudhary 4. Gyanendra Malla 5. Sarad Vesawkar 6. Shakti Gauchan 7. Paras Khadka 8. Binod Bhandari (or Naresh Budair) 9. Sanjam Regmi 10. Chandra Saud 11. Binod Das

2009-10-30  शुक्र 5:58साँझ · टिप्पणी गर्नुहोस् · मनपर्‍यो / नरूचाउने · (10) वटा टिप्पणीहरू हेर्नुहोस्(10) प्रतिक्रिया लुकाउनुहोस्

 Monish K Shrestha  Monish K Shrestha
 Paras & Sanjam should be up the order… for T-20, both should come before Shakti.. they’re wasted down at 7 & 8..
 2009-10-30 शुक्र 6:13साँझ
 सोभित मान श्रेष्ठ  सोभित मान श्रेष्ठ
 too many Pace bowlers, chandra should be replaced by Ajay
 2009-10-30 शुक्र 6:47साँझ · Delete
 सोभित मान श्रेष्ठ  सोभित मान श्रेष्ठ
 dont ignore Shakti, he had won lot of Man of the series inside country…
 2009-10-30 शुक्र 7:05साँझ · Delete
 Sohan Shrestha    Sohan Shrestha
 If it is T-20 take few from corporates who had performed nice hitting skill in Soaltee super sixes…hamro no. pani aaunu paryo he he he. wot say ujjwal…
 2009-10-30 शुक्र 7:28साँझ
 Ujjwal Acharya  Ujjwal Acharya
 Sohan dai, if Nepal loses out again, that should be considered.
 @ others: this is not the CAN list, Annapurna Post today printed this.
 2009-10-30 शुक्र 7:32साँझ
 Sohan Shrestha    Sohan Shrestha
  ha ha ha.. lets see, i wish they win.
 2009-10-30 शुक्र 8:00साँझ
 Sam Marsh  Sam Marsh
 No doubt they’d give England a good beating, like everyone else.
 2009-10-30 शुक्र 8:05साँझ
 Prabin Kumar Karki  Prabin Kumar Karki
 lets hope Afghanistan sanga pheri semifinal naparos…..
 2009-10-31 शनि 1:26बिहान
 Mohammad Tajim  Mohammad Tajim
 Where is Akash Gupta in all this? He should be in playing 11.
 2009-10-31 शनि 3:08बिहान
 Nikesh Koirala  Nikesh Koirala
 some need to change..paresh need to be out and need include akash… sharad need to place in second down…rest is fine..
 2009-11-01 आइत 1:30बिहान

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