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New sponsor for national cricket

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on सोमवार, नोभेम्बर 2, 2009


Barun Beverage Nepal Pvt Ltd (Pepsi) and Standard Chartered Bank will sponsor the senior cricket tournament from this year, states a press release issued by the Cricket Association of Nepal. Barun Beverage will provide a support of Rs 1.6 million to conduct the tournament.

Previously, Springwood, a product of the Surya Nepal was the main sponsor of the tournament. Springwood was the main sponsor for the last three editions. “We looked up for new sponsor after Surya Nepal said that its business had declined last year. Last year, Surya Nepal provided a cash of Rs 800,000 citing decline in their business. Earlier, they used to support us with Rs 1.6 million for the tournament”, said Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) president Binay Raj Pandey.

The CAN is also looking for sponsor for the U-16 National Cricket Tournament. “The sponsor for U-16 will be finalized within two weeks,” said Pandey.

The CAN has also decided to discontinue the U-15 and U-17 national tournament from this year. “We decided to discontinue these tournaments as per the international norms. The International Cricket Council and Asian Cricket Council have omitted these age level games from their programs. Besides, there will be problem of age verification for these groups.”

Meanwhile, the CAN is also set to conduct the Inter-school U-16 boys´ and girls´ national cricket tournament under the coordination of the Ministry of Youth and Sports from this year.


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