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I want to lead from front: Paras

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on शुक्रवार, नोभेम्बर 13, 2009

By Cricket.com.np November 12, 2009

Paras Khadka, 23, was named the national captain on November 11 for the upcoming ACC  Elite Cup. The eighth national captain shared his feeling and opinions with Cricket Nepal in an interview:


Congratulations for being named the captain. How do you feel?

Thank you. One can obviously feel excited at this time. It´s a great privilege but with it comes great responsibility.

Was becoming the national captain your dream?

When I started playing I hardly knew I would make it this far. But, with time, hard work, determination and luck on my side I have managed to come this far.

To play for the country is the best feeling ever. I just wanted to play cricket for my country and if captaincy comes my way, it´s a great privilege but like I said with it comes tremendous responsibility. So, I never imagined I would be a captain of the national team. It´s a dream and it will only be worth something if we as a country win major tournaments.

What is your aim as the captain?

To lead from the front. To establish a cricket culture in our country where the passion is growing everyday, I want to see our cricket players get more than what they´re getting at present. We have amazing talents and just need the right exposure.

parasYou became captain at a time when the team is lagging behind due to losses in crunch matches. Do you think your captaincy will be catalyst for the victories?

I want the team to play as a unit, forget everything once we enter the field and only concentrate on wining and give 100 %. A captain is only as good as his players to win.

We have to win important matches and, as players, all of us know it. What happened in the past is something we don´t want to focus too much on. We have to look forward, learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.

What could be the areas you will be looking to work on to better the results?

We have been playing well in tournaments but just that odd crucial game that we have been losing. May be, it´s a mental thing that we need to focus more than anything else.

You will be guiding a team that has players senior to you and two former national captains. Do you feel pressure?

I have been playing for the senior team for the past 5 years. We are all friends and brothers as a unit. For all of us, the main concern is how to make winning a habit. It doesn´t matter who´s who. It all comes down to those 11 players on the particular day and playing for the country.

What kind of support would you expect from them?

I have the support of all the players. I just want them to take pride in playing for the country. Now, it´s time to show what talent there is in the Nepali cricket.

Your first assignment will be ACC Twenty20 Elite Cup. What results you expect from the event?

It´s a 20-20 format and it´s very unpredictable as we all know. We as players are taking it one match at a time. All the teams are well prepared and so are we. It´s more about going and performing at this stage of our careers.

Which nations you see as tough opponents for Nepal? Why?

The Middle East countries have those Indian n Pakistani players. We can expect a tough fight from them but like I said 20-20 is an exciting and unpredictable format. It´s all about who can handle the pressure and we are geared up for this event.

Someday, you will retire as the national captain, what legacy you want to leave as a captain for people to remember you?

I just want to be remembered as someone who led from the front, who played his heart and soul for the country and gave his bloody best every time. Hopefully, have a closet full of trophies and establish a cricket culture where youngsters can jell in any day and find that hunger and passion to do well for the country.


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