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What requires our cricket?

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on मंगलवार, नोभेम्बर 17, 2009

Nepal has started, its way to UAE for ACC T/20 Tournament, which is going to place from November 20 and last till 30th of this month.

As usual, Batting will be the main headache for Nepal and reply from concern people will be same; lack of practice. If all those people know the reason then why don’t they try to solve it? I saw this time around as well, they provided players a one month training camp, especially after they know there is no cricketing activities. Can’t they afford it? I don’t believe it, if yes then they could make it in an economical way. They could request all, who are related to, for consideration, after all this is all for them and country’s pride.

I have always requested to start a club league, emailing CAN & raising at various sites. Club cricket is very essential to raise our standard in international arena. I don’t really understand why they don’t try to organize it. They may say it is because of funds but I don’t believe it’s only by funds; it is rather their interest more than funds. Once they start then other will fallow, somewhere a start is needed.

There are lots of problems but I am taking lack in the infrastructure apart because it needs funds, a big funds, so we have to consider it, that won’t be solved as quickly as we like being financially weak country.

So here is the question that what our cricket really needs? And what do you think about present situation of our cricket, do you satisfy? what can be done or what should be done? Give us your views on that.


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