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Hellow frens!

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on सोमवार, फ्रेवुअरी 15, 2010

Hellow frens!

sorry for not updating… actually i lost my belief on our team as they continue loosing…
You may agree with me, the team must win their matches to win their fan’s heart as well. If  they continue losing this way then who would like to come out to cheer with them?

By the way, another big tournament is arround the corner in our home ground, so lets hope things won’t go the same way as before. This is the time for our cricketers to step ahead towards the World Cup ’15. And this is a very long road to World Cup ’15 which applied by ICC for the Associated members and affialated members to join big gaints.

Let’s see freinds, past is past, forget it and hope for the best here…
hoping our boys won’t shattered our dreams again…
I beg our cricketers to do well this time…

I don’t wish them a good luck because i don’t want you to win on the ride of furtune, you have to win matches with your talents and strenths…


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