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Schedule for the upcoming WCL Div 5

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on सोमवार, फ्रेवुअरी 15, 2010

The playing schedule for the upcoming WCL Div. 5 has been published which is going to held in our beloved country NEPAL.

The tournament, which includes six nations like NEPAL, Bahrain, Fiji, Jersey, Singapore and USA, is going to start on this february 20. It lasts until 27 of this month where these six nations fights each other until then as tournament progress. From this tournament the top team progress to the Div. 4 and last 2 teams demoted to the div. 6 where Jersey and Fiji were demoted from div. 4 last year, NEPAL and USA were placed third and fourth in last addition of div. 5 tournament and Singapore and Bahrain were promoted from div. 6 which was held in Singapore last year.

NEPAL will begin its champaign against Jersey at Birendra Army High School ground (BSAM), bhaktapur on the first day of the tournament, Bahrain and singapore will fight at Tribhuwan University ground (TU), Kirtipur and Fiji and USA will be at Institute of Engineering ground (IOE), Lalitpur on the same day.

Here is the whole fixtures for the tournament:

Date TU Ground BSAM, Bhaktapur IOE, Lalitpur
19-Feb Practice Practice Practice
20-Feb Bahrain vs Singapore Jersey vs NEPAL Fiji vs USA
21-Feb Jersey vs Fiji USA vs Bahrain NEPAL vs Singapore
23-Feb USA vs Jersey NEPAL vs Bahrain Singapore vs Fiji
24-Feb Fiji vs NEPAL Bahrain vs Jersey Singapore vs USA
26-Feb NEPAL vs USA Jersey vs Singapore Fiji vs Bahrain
27-Feb Final 3rd-Place Playoff 5th-place playoff

7 Responses to “Schedule for the upcoming WCL Div 5”

  1. nepalcricket said

    no internet live of ntv 2.
    only matches at TU ground will be live, i.e., Nepal v USA on 26th, and hopefully final with Nepal on 27th.

  2. sorry binod jee,

    I came to know, there are all match live boardcast from TU ground and i believe it will from NTV 2. But I have no idea there is any internet live of NTV 2…

  3. I don’t know exactly NTV broadcast it live or not but they might broadcast final at NTV 2 which is not available in internet.

    Thanks for help and suppport u give, I would be always thankful for that…

    Lets hope, this time our team do well…

    And for your information, Afghanistan only lost to singapore not to jersey as round robin level. Their game was washed out and shared the point with Jersey. At that tournament, I was surprised why did not Singapore protest against decision which denied them to semifinal instead of Afghanistan.

  4. binod said

    do u know NTV is broadcasting live cricket or not? otherwise i will subscribe nepali channel…thanks for updating bro………..we are always ready to help u…………ask if u need any help from us……thanks…..keep updating…….i really like ur website and m thankful for ur passion towards nepali cricket. For sure we will win this time……We had play good cricket in last league but it was our bad luck to lose with afghanisthan………who had already lose two match…..one with singapore and another with jersey………though we have to face tough challenge from all team …….for sure we will win this time

  5. thanks for comments…

    actually, this is the another reason why I stoped updating, as I felt nobody has interest on nepalese cricket, nobody commenting or concerning about our cricket. anyway thanks again…

    @binod jee, there is another wicketkeeper/ batsman in Binod Bhandari who is good in batting but does not know about his keeping standard. Binod, who hit 25 not out with last ball six to make match tie against kuwait in last year ACC T/20.
    @nepalcricket, you are right that this time around there is no semifinal where we always got out from… but still there are as many as teams well prepared for this tournament so, we have to be more focused on it to go through…

  6. nepalcricket said

    no semifinal to lose this time. Nepal has sure chance of promotion

  7. binod said

    thanks, prabin ji for updating…………I am sure our team will do best this time. Our two batsman Dipendra and Ganendra are in great form. Anil Mandal seems to have high potential as he did well in recent sag cricket however I am little worried about Mahesh chettri. I think Subash is better than mahesh in wicket keeping and scoring. So, our captain should think about it. I am really glad Sarad is fit now to play cricket.I know he will be life for nepali team this team. He is really great cricketer

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