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Nepal vs Singapore

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on आइतवार, फ्रेवुअरी 21, 2010

ICC World Cricket League Division Five

at Engineering Campus Ground, Lalitpur

Nepal won the toss and elected to bat first…

Nepal – 180 / 9 ( 50.0 Overs )

At last, Nepal managed to score 180 which can be match winning total. It became possible after largely helped by U19 plate championship winning hero Basanta Regmi at his time who scored 54 in 61 balls. Now, it’s depend upon our reknown bowing attack. In paper, it is a defendable score but what happen there let’s see at the ground…

finger crossed… 😦

check here for live update: http://icc-cricket.yahoo.net/match_zone/scorecard.php?matchId=32709 

(Note: Dipendra and Mahboob seems not having great confident, they are not middling the ball there because Dipendra got 3 leg byes today and 2 yesterday as well that means he is not timing the ball, Mahboob got out yesterday on leg side ball and today missed the straight ball, it should be solved.)

Nepal 1st innings Runs B 4’s 6’s S/R
Chaudhary c †Rvenkadaramani b Saad Janjua 2 15 0 0 13.33
Alam lbw Saad Janjua 5 8 1 0 62.5
Gauchan run out ( Raja ) 24 55 3 0 43.64
Khadka* c Mohamed Shoib b Dharmichand 18 55 1 1 32.73
Vesawkar lbw Manoj-Kumar 32 67 0 0 47.76
Malla c Param b Dharmichand 8 16 1 0 50
B Regmi c Param b Dharmichand 54 61 5 0 88.52
Chhetri+ c Param b Mendis 9 15 0 0 60
Das run out ( Mohamed Shoib ) 2 2 0 0 100
S Regmi not out 6 6 1 0 100
Vishvakarma not out 0 1 0 0 0
Extras (b 5, lb 6, w 8, nb 1, pen ) 20  
Total 180  

Extras (b 5, lb 6, w 8, nb 1, pen )

Fall of wickets: 1 – 7 (Alam, 2.5), 2 – 16 (Chaudhary, 6.1), 3 – 43 (Gauchan, 19.3), 4 – 62 (Khadka, 24.3), 5 – 74 (Malla, 28.6), 6 – 135 (Vesawkar, 41.6), 7 – 159 (Chhetri, 46.4), 8 – 162 (Das, 47.1), 9 – 175 (B Regmi, 49.4)


22 Responses to “Nepal vs Singapore”

  1. crayt21 said

    game’s practically over. let’s just go sleeeeeep…

  2. david said

    we all know we r weak in batting but still we r playing with xtra bowler ..amazing…best of luck guys ..we can defend it.

  3. crayt21 said

    i agree

  4. binod said

    180 is not good score in one day………….we could win today if we had atleast 220

  5. binod said

    we are really missing paresh lohani………

  6. binod said

    horrible batting……………….anil mandal is in good form ……………………….subash khakurel should be included insteaded of mahesh………………………………..why parash included viswakarma though we already have 3 spinners…and gyanendra is also good spinners……..it would be better if he had include anil mandal instead of rahul,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,m 100% sure …result will be sad today…………..lets hope bowler will do some magic

  7. reaz said

    OK finished exactly at 180. Nepal must take out chetan suryanshi and buddhika mendis early, otherwise it will be curtains for Nepal.

  8. in between, Basanta is reminding his U19 fame today where he scored 66 not out coming at no 7 slot, he looked more positive than others..

  9. david said

    acc to dias every player in the team can bat then why after losing 1 wicket why they just blocking balls?one specialist batsman as a opener should b included .may b anil is good n alam should bat down at 7 after malla

  10. rabin said

    Finally some sensible batting between basanta and sharad. No 4s or 6s… but still managing to keep the scoreboard Ticking. and No lazy (i mean very lazy) batting like our top-order batsmen in the name of building up partnership.

  11. crayt21 said

    may be everyone is getting scared of marvan attapattu

  12. That’s y I m raising to put more specialist batsmen in the line up… Our line up looks like everyone is bowler..

    and this time around Subhash Khakurel is in his best form So, Nepal has to cash his form to the total..

  13. rabin said

    Agreed David!!!
    The problem is the mentality of nepali cricket team. They never believe that they can score more than 150 in a 50-over match (with weakest team, maybe 200). They always rely on bowling to cover up their poor (can i say “miserable”) batting. Our batting performance is always the most boring-est to watch…

  14. david said

    now caption is gone n run rate is the same..what is the use of partnership without run…better to score 150 allout rather scoring 150 in 50 overs

  15. The most important thing is they are developing a partnership which is very crucial at the end. U may notice they did same yesterday, starting slowly and after being settled, they start opening.
    It was because of our start we got yesterday and today, needs to be recovered..
    be cool and patient… they will do again like yesterday…
    stay online and see, what happen next…

  16. rabin said

    Looks like our team captain Paras Khadka has forgotten that he is batting in a one-day cricket. 3 runs out of 34 deliveries (strike rate 8.8). Is he all-set for a new record on having the least strike rate???

  17. david said

    what is this?they r batting too slow.just taking pressure..just need to play lil agressive

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