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Singapore’s chase of Nepal’s 180

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on आइतवार, फ्रेवुअरी 21, 2010

Finally Nepal managed Singapore to restrick on 164

and win the match by 16 runs

MoM: Basanta Regmi ( weldone Basanta, we proud of u)

Singapore – 164 / 10 ( 47.5 Overs ) 

Fall of wickets: 1 – 29 (Mendis, 8.2), 2 – 35 (Rvenkadaramani, 10.4), 3 – 58 (Suryawanshi, 19.2), 4 – 93 (Arora, 31.5), 5 – 97 (Dharmichand, 33.3), 6 – 102 (Hussien, 36.1), 7 – 119 (Saad Janjua, 38.4), 8 – 145 (Param, 43.5), 9 – 164 (Mohamed Shoib, 47.2), 10 – 164 (Manoj-Kumar, 47.5)

  1. Nepal gave the first blow to them throgh our spinner Sanjam Regmi who was brought early in the inning by Paras…
  2. another wicket for Sanjam.
  3. 3rd to go for Batting hero Basanta
  4. Captain captured captain here… lol
  5. Batting hero takes another..
  6. run out ( Khadka)
  7. Rahul took revenge after hit 2 sixes… clean bowled
  8. oh relief… finally Shakti gets him  the high scorer
  9. oh got him after no ball and a sixes in free hit
  10. finally got him to win the match (not impressive says crayt21)

40 Responses to “Singapore’s chase of Nepal’s 180”

  1. I am also agree with guys

    we need more batsmen in the side…
    and think about Subash as specialist batsman

  2. crayt21 said

    i agree with u binod. viswakarma should be replaced because he is not doing anything special which other spinners cannot do. unless he can prove he can effectively take wickets and also prove that he is better than other bowlers. we definitely need to replace an opener.

  3. binod said

    our captain and opening batsman should realise……………………..it was opening pairs who let us down today…….viswakarma should be replace by anil

  4. binod said

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  5. crayt21 said

    very lucky to have won! not impressed.

  6. oh sanjam what r u doing?

    no ball from spinner… six in free ball… oh no oouch

  7. crayt21 said

    we might actually lose this game because of poor decision making by paras. instead of attacking with pace ballers, he’s being conservative with rahul!

  8. binod said

    mahesh is doing great job

  9. Biplav said

    spoke too soon. getting knots in my stomach.

  10. crayt21 said

    i still don’t understand why rahul gets all these overs…

  11. crayt21 said

    it’s high time we brought in pacers

  12. binod said

    tesko six le match jitaula jasto cha………..run rate badayo

  13. crayt21 said

    bye bye 6 hanne wala

  14. crayt21 said

    two sixes????

  15. Biplav said

    Looks like our day, wooof.

  16. crayt21 said

    run out!

  17. binod said

    thanks……..feeling lil relief

  18. crayt21 said

    one more wicket!!! 5 down!

  19. crayt21 said

    ahh finally…i’m getting a headache already. need a few quick wickets!

  20. Biplav said

    feeling like a slow death.

  21. crayt21 said

    we have to break this partnership!!!!!

  22. Our Captain is on….

    may be with his off spin, as wicket favor spin…

  23. crayt21 said

    we need to mix a spinner and mahboob alam.

  24. binod said

    danger man has gone…………….lets hope

  25. crayt21 said

    we’re not there yet! the captain is in. he’s a good batsman.

  26. Awesome – suryawanshi is gone. Let’s bring it home boys.

  27. crayt21 said

    he is gone!

  28. crayt21 said

    if sanjam regmi was the one taking wickets, why is he not bowling??

  29. binod said

    we need one more wicket within 2 overs……common bowlers do something

  30. crayt21 said

    we need to use our old tactic. have spinners and gauchan dry up the runs. then singapore will be under pressure and wickets will fall.

  31. crayt21 said

    suryawanshi scored 54 yesterday. we need to get him out quickly yo!

  32. crayt21 said

    we need to get suryawanshi out quickly and not let him become aggressive.

  33. crayt21 said

    2 wickets! finally!

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