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Posted by Prabin the सोभित on सोमवार, फ्रेवुअरी 22, 2010

From Republica.com


I arrived late at the venue. I can´t comment on how our openers got out. I was watching my team from outside the ground for the first time.

When I reached the Pulchowk Ground, Paras Khadka and Shakti Gauchan were at the crease. They were not rotating the strike and lost their wickets during the course. However, Basanta Regmi and Sharad Vesawkar batted well for Nepal. They were rotating the strike and playing on the merits of balls. Their 61-run partnership took Nepal to a defendable total of 180 runs.

We can´t say the total was enough but counting on Nepal´s bowling strength it definitely was a defendable total. Though it was defendable, bowlers had the responsibility of bowling well. Bowlers chipped in and fielding supported well. Spinners were well supported by fielders. Except a few difficult chances, Nepal were good in field.

Paras´s captainship was praiseworthy today (Sunday). He maneuvered spinners very well by changing and rotating them every two or three overs.

Being a patriot or a player, I was fearless about Nepal´s victory and I had no doubt at any point of time.

It was a cricket match and Nepal had 180 runs on the board. Singapore were chasing it. They had to attack for their winning chance since they also know that victory is not possible just by defending. And they tried to attack us and our spinners chipped in every time and claimed wickets.

Cricket is a team game and Nepal played it well. Team effort is the key to this success.

When Dipendra took the last catch of Manoj Kumar, I wished I were also in the field.


As told to Nabin Khatiwada

(Paresh is the opening batsman of Nepal. He was in the team for Pepsi World Cricket League Division 5. However, Paresh pulled out his name from the team citing personal reasons.)


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