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Bahrain, out for 114 runs

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on मंगलवार, फ्रेवुअरी 23, 2010

Finally, our bowlers able to bowl out them for 114 in 42.5 overs.
I mean, when Basanta is striking then why did he be changed?

It is not big total in any means but looking after our batting display, it always scares us and heart beat goes up at times. Let’s see how they reply there? I wish them to reply as quickly as possible to raise our net run rate which is very poor and which could be crusial at the end…

Today, They prefered same team from last match, why are not thinking? we need more batsmen in the line up than extra bowler. Look at our playing 11 almost all of them bowls at times with good result then why are they pressing for bowling only? Don’t they believe the bowlers we have which is strongest in the tournament?

Ok then, now it’s up to our batsmen to choose how they want to reply this low total?

lets see… when will match finish…

(wow what is this? 2 down already? when does our coach learn from his mistakes?)

(Bahrain is learning from Nepal and inning started with spin bowling)

Wowwwwwwww 50 for Paras… great… congratulation captain… u r awesome

50 in 50 balls with 9 fours and a six

great. 100 runs partnership for 2nd wicket… congratulation… paras is going great.. a hit away for the win..

yahoo we won by 8 wickets

and 108 runs unbeaten partnership for 2nd wicket

Congratulation to all, hope u all enjoyed it…


12 Responses to “Bahrain, out for 114 runs”

  1. crayt21 said

    great bowling display….only 3 wides. awesome batting from paras. definitely saved the day from such a horrible start. deserves man of the match. opening pair……needs to be changed!!!

  2. crayt21 said

    oh wow, 9 people from Bahrain bowled today

  3. crayt21 said

    3 ota 6’s

  4. Partnership is going great… 70 already

  5. oh my god, 40 in 38 balls with 7 fours and a sixes

  6. binod said

    khadka le padkako padkai cha

  7. david said

    today paras looks positive.go on ..at least one batsman in the crease should play like that.opening with alam is bad idea as he is sure to put pressure being out early

  8. Paras is going great… already hit 5 boundries

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