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Nepal vs Bahrain

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on मंगलवार, फ्रेवुअरी 23, 2010

ICC World Cricket League Division Five

Nepal vs Bahrain

at Birendra Sainik Maha Vidyalaya Ground, Bhaktapur

Nepal won the toss and elected to bowl first.

The match was delayed by an hour and 15 minutes to it’s scheduled time due to wet pitch…
It was started at NST 10.15
The match is reduced to 47 overs…

Bahrain – 114 / 10 ( 42.5 Overs )

Fall of wickets: 1 – 5 (Imran Sajjad, 0.6), 2 – 49 (Shahzad Ahmed, 11.1), 3 – 56 (Ashraf Yaqoob, 18.2), 4 – 58 (Abdul Majeed, 19.1), 5 – 70 (Tahir Dar, 22.4), 6 – 80 (Adil Hanif, 26.1), 7 – 96 (Azeem ul Haq, 32.1), 8 – 111 (Qamar Saeed, 39.3), 9 – 111 (Yaser Sadeq, 39.6), 10 – 114 (Zafar Zaheer, 42.5)

  1. Imran Sajjad first o go; caught by Chaudhary off Aalam
  2. Regmi duo’s are doing again… spin gets wicket again through Basanta the HERO
  3. Rahul kaka has done that… 🙂
  4. The leading wicket taker of the tournament, is taking wicket again… Desert men are feeling hot there..
  5. The HERO is doing again…
  6. oh we love u HERO… 3 for 4 runs in 5.1 overs; Hanif is gone then who’s remaing there? 🙂
  7. Rahul is striking though he is costing runs
  8. leading wicket taker in the tournament, strikes again.. now he has 8 wickets
  9. sanjam does it again
  10. Basanta the HERO got 4 wickets for 11 runs in 8.5 overs this time then it’s turn to look at our weak batting.. how they reply?

(Note: I dont understand, why team management is going with extra bowler if our weakness is batting, same 11 today from last match)


91 Responses to “Nepal vs Bahrain”

  1. Suraj said


  2. Suraj said

    I really wish I was in Nepal watching Paras banging sixes, cutting for fours….and screaming/cheering loud for the win…. KEEP

  3. Suraj said

    Bahrain 114 (42.5/47 ov)

    Nepal 115/2 (22.5/47 ov)

    Nepal won by 8 wickets (with 145 balls remaining)

  4. reaz said

    Singapore is fighting hard , now 94/6 .If fiji defeat singapore then we just have to beat fiji tomorrow to qualify to division 4.

  5. reaz said

    another 6 by paras , his 3rd.

  6. jhapaliman said

    Nepal heading towards easy win 91/2

  7. reaz said

    great counter attacking batting by paras.

  8. jhapaliman said

    but shakti is batting as it is 10 day classical match

  9. reaz said

    great going paras, 48 runs by 42 balls.

  10. binod said

    paras is taking risk hitting too many fours

  11. Biplav said

    We are so far away from WC its not even worth dreaming about. Let’s just get to Division 4. I think right now we are Division 2 level. Still big step below Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, etc.

  12. reaz said

    they could have tested a new opening combo like dipendra/anil in this match, now there is not much time ( and match ) left for a set opening pair.it will be risky even to try that against fiji(Lomani is pretty quick and sharp) but i think Nepal team management should take that risk dropping Binod.

  13. binod said

    world cup ta nasoche ni huncha……..really upset

  14. binod said

    singane r 56/4

  15. binod said

    yesari game jiteko ta maan pani pardena……………………………………………………..

  16. Biplav said

    So now the test match begins :)))

  17. binod said

    arko game ma chaudhary ko thau ma mandal lai rakhnu parcha

  18. crayt21 said

    2 wickets??

  19. Biplav said

    oh dear

  20. nepalcricket said

    it’s good for nepal if singapore lose to fiji and jersey lose to USA.

  21. reaz said

    A disaster over for singapore, they were flying after 4 overs(33/0).Now in the 5th over 3 wicket fell(33/3).

  22. binod said

    singapore is 33/3….3 wickets in 5 balls…lol………………..

  23. crayt21 said

    hey, anybody know how many spectators have been going to the cricket ground to watch Nepal’s games??

  24. reaz said

    114 allout.This gives us an idea of the strenth of USA attack.

  25. crayt21 said

    singapore got bahrain out for 98 runs…

  26. crayt21 said

    i think viswakarma gets the most overs even when he’s giving away too many runs. must be best friends with paras. i would like to see the in form players get the most overs.

  27. binod said

    still they have run rate more than 3……..not so good yet

  28. Paras is wasting time there?
    why did he take out the HERO Basanta? he was taking wickets regularly….

  29. binod said

    rahul baje lai 4 hanyo………………………………………………….i think they will cross above 150

  30. reaz said

    Last wicket pair of fiji added almost 50 runs. 194 allout.

  31. Biplav said

    B) they’ll get to 110

  32. reaz said

    USA murdered Jersey, 30/4 to 252/6 , 1 ball to go.

  33. crayt21 said

    today’s “vote of the day”:

    Bahrain will be wrapped up under 100:
    A) Yes
    B) No

    Let the voting begin…..lol

  34. reaz said

    80/6 now.This match is our chance to upp the runrate.

  35. crayt21 said

    6 wickets yaar!

  36. Biplav said

    adil gone – bye bye Bahrain

  37. crayt21 said

    i am very glad that we haven’t bowled any wides or no balls. keep it up guys!

  38. Biplav said

    Once Adil gone – its all over – they wont get more than 20 runs

  39. Kaka is giving away runs there… in between, USA’s 6th down

  40. jhapaliman said

    sanjam regmi ko 1st ball mai wicket ………miracle

  41. crayt21 said


  42. crayt21 said

    regmi dai haru babbaaal chha

  43. binod said

    usa jite hunthyo…………….

  44. reaz said

    USA now turning the match around ( 153/5 100 run partnership between baker and trajan).

  45. crayt21 said

    3rd wicket

  46. binod said

    kaka aaunu vayo wicket pani paunu bhayo

  47. binod said

    feri rahul kaka aaunu vayo

  48. binod said

    run rate is getting low

  49. binod said

    run rate is goimg on

  50. crayt21 said

    the only scary thing is that bahrain scored 254 on this same ground against usa

  51. crayt21 said

    our spinners need to slow down their run rate. that will make them play bad shots.

  52. reaz said

    USA slowly recovering(105/5 now in 33 overs) but they will need 220 atleast to fight against Jersey.

  53. crayt21 said

    is paras a spin bowler or a medium-paced bowler?

  54. crayt21 said

    usa and bahrain have a great batting teams. we need to break this partnership quickly. we might have to bring in the spinners early…again.

  55. reaz said

    Get the spinners into the attack, bowling pace will be a free gift to bahrain.

  56. reaz said

    Now Bahrain have only majid and adil hanif as proper batsman.

  57. reaz said

    Yes got him. Yahoo

  58. reaz said

    Basically get Imran Sajjad early and match will be in the bag for Nepal. Hoping for an allround good show from Nepal.

  59. jhapaliman said

    beharaine 5/1 in 1st over

  60. jhapaliman said

    nepal ko match kina suru bhayena

  61. crayt21 said

    i couldn’t agree with you more. i was thinking of that few days back. when is nepal’s game going to start?

  62. binod said

    k ho usa ko ta 4 wicket gai sakyo ni……………..i think they hadn’t face team with strong bowler before

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