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Nepal vs Fiji

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on बुधवार, फ्रेवुअरी 24, 2010

ICC World Cricket League Division Five

at Tribhuvan University International Cricket Ground, Kirtipur

we won the match by 193 runs…

Nepal won the toss and elected to bat first.

Nepal made highest score in the tournament, 267 for 7 in alloted 50 overs. Sharad scored unbeaten 105, the first century of the tournament, Congratulation… weldone… I think you learnt more after being left out from the original squad. keep doing like this…

Paras is in wonderful form of his life, once again another half century, and adding more in leading runs score in the tournament.

we want more from you in div. 4 as well…

Now, Fiji is chasing our score, let’s see how they reply…

Now, our net run rate is 1.9186 which is still below than USA but wait the result of USA Vs Singapore match

USA bowled out for 146 then their NRR is 1.355 and Singapore’s 1.114
(that means we are far ahead than them)

Fiji – 74 / 9 ( 26.4 Overs )

Fall of wickets: 1 – 17 (JF Rika, 5.4), 2 – 24 (Ravoka, 6.6), 3 – 45 (Cakacaka, 13.3), 4 – 48 (Kida, 16.4),  5 – 54 (P Rika, 19.2), 6 – 60 (Sorovakatini, 22.4), 7 – 60 (Lomani, 23.1), ), 8 – 74 (Yabaki, 26.3), 9 – 74 (Tavo, 26.4)

  1. first down to Binod, who is not firing this time or he is not getting more time with ball, he got him after hit for a six
  2. Pacers are getting wickets, that’s good for Nepal
  3. Basant does it again… the HERO
  4. Spinner spinning Fijians…
  5. Basanta gets another… Fijians half down… 5 more to pack up
  6. Shakti bags another… the highest run getter.. lucky 13 🙂
  7. run out  ( S Regmi )
  8. Basanta strikes back
  9. Basanta takes another and gets the top spot in the leading wicket taker with 11 scalfs.. wow he is in hattrick

match finished the last man did not come to bat.. We won

check the live score from:






63 Responses to “Nepal vs Fiji”

  1. Bishal said

    our home team win the match
    very good going
    we have to win america also
    keep it up guys
    nepali ko pahichaan badaune bela aayeko 6 yaar all the best for futher game also

  2. crayt21 said

    i’m not 100% but i think basanta regmi is on a hat trick

  3. binod said

    I think singapore is wining today. we are not in final yet.

  4. crayt21 said

    run out 7 no.

  5. crayt21 said

    i don’t even know how shakti bowls, but every time he takes the ball, i’m confident he will either slow down the run rate or take a wicket.

  6. crayt21 said

    6 wickets

  7. crayt21 said

    5 wickets

  8. sushil said

    aru bhanda ni malai ta nepal ko middle order nai babbal lagirachha saathi ho….

    opener le alikari saath diyo bhani ta nepal is virtually undefeatable….

    herda herdai world cup khelni bho nepal……khappar ma ta lekhera lyayekai raicha nepal le…:)

    Our prayer is with nepali team……jay pashupati nath…..

  9. crayt21 said

    hey anybody know when the last time was when nepal lost a game at home?

  10. crayt21 said

    4 wickets down

  11. reaz said

    Things are not looking good USA 49/4,We should try to book fiji as soon as possible(under 100 runs) to get a better net run rate.

  12. crayt21 said

    basanta regmi lai 4 (chauka) hanne? don’t mess with the regmi brothers! 3 wickets down.

  13. binod said

    basanta kaka aaunu bhayo wicket linu bhayo

  14. Bishal said

    la la guys have victory towards the fiji me and my wishes are with you guys
    just think that you have to win by hook or crook
    my blessing are always with you

  15. Bishal said

    aach bro aaba ta nepal pani world cup pugne vo hai 2015 ma
    ma ta beer khadai game her6u tetikhera
    thok sale fiji lai
    nachod teniharulai
    new khojyo vane daath jarda hun6 pareko ma bebahrula

  16. Bishal said

    jaso gara j vana jata sukai laijau malai yo maan ta mero nepali ho

  17. I dont understand why our pacers specially Binod, who is known for his accurate line and lenth, could not control the ball whick was not seen in past.
    because of loosing captaincy or what?

  18. Yetharth said

    Nepal Iz Da Best

  19. Bikal said

    My Best wishes are always With u
    World Cup Ma Qualify hunu
    Nepali Ko Ejat Rakha Keta ho

  20. Yetharth said

    De Dana Dan
    Nepal IS The Best
    Well Done Bir Gorkhali

  21. crayt21 said

    usa are 37/3 yikes!

  22. crayt21 said

    if singapore wins today, it will be challenging for nepal and usa to HAVE to win in the last game. because it could come down to run rate. so we will need openers who can perform well because usa are not as feeble as others. they can chase any target. paras and the middle orders will not always be able to win every game. if we don’t have a good opening pair, it could be disastrous.

  23. sushil said

    Good job….Nepal’s middle’s order is rock solid….omg…look at our middle order…..shakti,paras,sarad,malla,mahesh,basanta regmi……given that our openers fires(they are capable,its just that dipendra is not used to and mehboob should try to occupy crese), we are virtually undefeatable because our bowling and fielding have never been questioned.

    But its cricket, anything can happen. So guys, keep doing good work,make us proud…..


  24. Bishal said

    yo chain sarai nai raaddi vayo kay bro kahita score
    la la bro haru dami kalnu par6a la
    world cup ma ma beer khadai cheeres gar6u ni hamro nepali team lai
    dhobi hanuu par6 hai fiji lai
    natra lastai jurrr hun6 kay
    la have a great game vs fiji, fiji le hare ma ta baalai hudaina ni yaar

  25. Bishal said

    can i haave the score plz i want to cheers for my home team

  26. Bishal said

    ani score kati vayo ta bro

  27. bharat bohara said

    sala nepal is doing well………keep it up to keep the name of us…………haii

  28. binod said

    good score…………………….well done sharad…..u have prove it how worth u are….It would b better if dipendra is replaced either by mandal or khakurel in next match and mahesh should do opening and alam should b introduce after Gyanendra

  29. reaz said

    Congrats Sharad.What a knock.

  30. crayt21 said

    awesome century sharad!

  31. david said

    malla is the one of the best ..he also scored 50 in his debut from that position n he is batting to down n not geeting chance to bat so better he open

  32. david said

    ya if not extra batsman than nepal should reshuffle the batting lineup.i believe malla should open with deependra

  33. crayt21 said

    was just watching the video highlights to yesterday’s game….paras is a classic!

  34. Supen said

    good going skipper…. u deserve century today..

  35. crayt21 said

    paras is displaying great confidence as a captain. hopefully others can look up to him and follow his footsteps.

  36. crayt21 said

    opening pair needs to be changed seriously.
    as far as paras goes….
    i’m ready to declare him “Man of the Series”

  37. Supen said

    Hopeless case… never learn from mistakes.

  38. reaz said

    I think its very clear that there is not much Dipendra and Binod Das can offer.If all there experience cannot deliver any credible performance match after match in home condition then the team would be better without them.Players like Subhas Khakurel and Prodip Airee should get a look in the main 14 member squad rather than being in the standby.

  39. Paras is playing well again

    27 runs in 39 balls with 3 fours and a six

  40. khai aba k bhanne hami le…

    they are learning from the matches.. again same 11 for today as well

  41. reaz said

    every match Against Every bowling attack (weak or strong) the same story, someone need to talk to the coach and management and change the opening combo.Now there is no time left and the story might repeat in the game against usa( most possibly a must win game the way singapore is batting now 64/0 in 12 overs)

  42. reaz said

    now 3 down for 35, we have to be careful here

  43. another fallows… chaudhari gone..

  44. reaz said

    singapore is running away with with the match

  45. reaz said

    as usual 2 wickets down for nothing

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