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Posted by Prabin the सोभित on मंगलवार, मार्च 2, 2010


Nepal is promoted to World Cricket League (WCL) Division 4 when it reached the final of Division 5 held in Kathmandu last week. What added cherry on top of the cake was Nepal’s victory against the US in the final. The victory gave the country its first major cricket trophy since its entry into international cricket in 1996. Nepal will next compete in WCL Division 4 in Italy in August. If we make it to the finals there and in Division 3 and finish within the top four of Division 2 in 2011, Nepal will be able to compete in the 12-nation World Cup qualifiers in 2013 from which six top teams will get to play in the 2015 World Cup along with the other 10 Test playing nations.

However, accomplishing such a feat is no mean task. The road ahead is fraught with challenges and if we do not do our homework properly, we might not even be able to emerge as one of the top two teams in Division 4, leave alone the dreams of qualifying for the 2015 World Cup. It is not the dearth of players or talent that is preventing us from taking big strides forward. If history is any indicator, it is the lack of proper planning or the implementation of chalked out plans that is halting the march forward of Nepali cricket. Since 1996, the cricketing world has been showering praises on us labeling us the next big cricketing nation but sadly we haven’t been able to make much progress. The problem is that we embraced the accolades but failed to do much to live up to it.

True, we lack infrastructure, something that cannot be developed overnight. But, unfortunately, we have also lagged behind in doing what could have been achieved fairly easily. It is a matter of shame for the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) that despite promises and sponsorship deals, our domestic structure is still extremely weak. Our national players play more international cricket than domestic cricket. We need more domestic events in all forms: Twenty20, one-dayers and multi-dayers.

Importantly, players need to be paid, at least a nominal amount. And this is not a big issue because CAN announced an individual prize of Rs 50,000 to each member of the team for winning Division 5. And a little addition in that amount is enough to pay the national players Rs 5,000 a month. Regular income will take a major burden off the players’ head and help them play better. Dreams come true when it is nurtured and CAN, though constituted of volunteer members, either needs to work harder to take cricket in the right direction or give others – who may be willing – that opportunity.

(well said Republica, hats off for you)


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