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Nepal begins with against Hongkong

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on बुधवार, मार्च 31, 2010

Nepal is begining it’s champaign in the ACC Trophy Elite against Hongkong today in Kuwait. And then play against Oman on april 2, against Singapore on april 3 and play last league match against host Kuwait on april 6.

Nepal made 236 for 7 in their 50 overs
and it’s what our Captain Paras aiming for atfer winning the toss, 
so it needs to be well defended.

click here is the Scorecards of Nepalese Inning.

This time, everyone is expecting Nepal to win the title but the things are not simple to get that honor. Afghanistan is coming most dangerous team in non test playing nations. Their record in recent past is very good, win after win, and the way they defeated Canada in Intercontinental Cup after chasing huge 494 runs is most impressive.

Before the rising of Afghanistan, UAE used to dominate the non test playing Asian region but now it’s look like, they are fadinp off against Afghani. But history is with them as 4 consecutive titles but that is past now. Hongkong is defending champion of this title but their performance is not consistantly good. Sometime, it touches high but another day they thrashed down but still they are ranked high than Nepal in ICC rankings.

Oman is highly rated by ICC, upper than Nepal but in fact they are not deserved to be there. A good performance in single tournament brought them into high rank, but nobody talks about them now. Singapore is most improving side after Afghanistan in recents days but luck always deffers them. So, it would be really nice how they perform. Actually, they want to get revenge against Nepal, what happen recently held WCL div. 5 in Kathmandu, they wants to be better than Nepal.

After these all thing, Nepal has to come out to show, where are they actually lies, how good they are. . Nepal has pressure first to be better than Singapore then other things to think.

Anyway, passing day by day within this week we will know, where is Nepal. But, being a Nepali, we are hoping very high from our team which will be very good practice for upcoming WCL div.4 tournament at august in Italy.

Check this link for live ball by ball update: www.asiancricket.org .

  • first blow to nepal, as mahesh goes out lbw to aizaz for 2
  • 50 up for Nepal in 11 overs as 2 wicket partnership goes on in 48 between Anil and Shakti
  • wowwwwwwwwwww 2 sixes in a succession to bring his 50 off the match…
    Congratulation… good going…
  • Century for Nepal in 20.3 overs… well doning guys
  • Handred runs partnership is going for 2nd wicket… wowwww
  • oh nooooooooo a very bad way to get out,… as Shakti drives back firmly, Jawaid defelects the ball on to the stumps and Anil is run-out at wonderful 72 runs…very bad
  • Paras as he comes for 1 against Moner, Nepal 126 for 3
  • Shakti gets his fifty… Congratulation to him…
  • sharad went as well for mere 4 runs..poor… caught and bowled by muner… he is turning the match
  • Nepal crossed the 150 runs marks in 37.2 balls… lets see howlong it stretched…
  • shakti is gone for 65 runs in 93 balls
  • Mahboob gone for 31 runs after hitting six and trying for another
  • now, Nepal hits the 200 marks in 45.3 overs… last 4.3 overs remaining but only has 4 wickets
  • Basant got out… as Nepal is in 222 runs for 7 in 48 overs
  • 236 for 7 in 50 overs




32 Responses to “Nepal begins with against Hongkong”

  1. binod said

    sarad is jus defending…………he might b thinking that he is playing test match

  2. binod said

    paras is gone………..who is playing in the place of Gyanendra?

  3. crayt21 said

    What a misfortunate run-out!

  4. nepalcricket said

    rotate strike and hit shots also

  5. crayt21 said

    Hats off to Anil Mandal! Great Job! Let the selectors know how good you are, and prove them that they are wrong in doubting your abilities.

  6. reaz said

    some power hitting by anil & shakti

  7. as powerplays over, now it’s time to rotate the strike.. but no 1’s and 2’s in last 2 overs…

  8. crayt21 said

    It’s raining FOURS at the moment as I gaze in astonishment…..I feel there is huge confidence among our players today. Keep up the confidence against Afghanistan and UAE. If we play like this, we are a threat to everyone.

  9. interesting commentary going on..”class in a glass” hahaha

  10. crayt21 said

    I really don’t understand why the Nepali batsmen are so infatuated with 4’s and 6’s. They need to rotate strike too and look for 1’s and 2’s. Occasional 4’s are ok but they should not play too many risky shots.

  11. crayt21 said

    It’s good that CricketEurope is also covering Nepal match besides Asian Cricket. They also have a live scorecard and a desktop scorecard.

  12. the text commentary is interesting…

    guys, email about commentary to acc

  13. reaz said

    Hi Prabinji and hi to all dedicated Nepal fans.Expecting a cracking match today.It’s important for Nepal to Defeat Hong Kong and Oman in this tourney as they will be future opponents of Nepal in division 3.Victory over them will give psychological advantage to Nepal in coming days.

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