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Nepal Vs Oman

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on शुक्रवार, अप्रील 2, 2010

(update: gmt 12.40: We won the match by 6 wickets. Congratulation to all and special thanks to nepalkuwait.com. thank you very much for your effort)

Today’s match for Nepal is against Oman at same ground where Nepal played last match.

Both teams are boosted high by their win in the first match, where Nepal beat Hongkong by 118 runs and Oman beat Singapore by 8 wickets yesterday. It shows, they got very comfortable victory so, it’s time to them to show how good they are and where they stands in the table.

In the first match, Nepal is boosted by their 2 wicket partnership and later Mahboob distroyed the top order of the defending champion. In the other hand Oman also got early break throughs at the opeing overs and later shown strong batting display by scoring 2 half centuries and another 45 not out.

So, lets see what happens today…
for me, finger crossed for Nepal, being a proud Nepali..

There is no live ball by ball commentary today, only some updates at http://www.cricketkuwait.com/

Toss won by Oman and elected to bat first

Oman: 67 / 3  in 22 Overs

Oman: 97 / 4 in 26 Overs

Oman: 112/4 in 34 Overs

Oman: 127 / 5 in 39 Overs

Oman: 134 / 5 in 41 Overs

Oman: 147 / 7 in 45 Overs

Oman: 170 / 9 in 50 Overs
(Rahul took 3 wickets)


19 Responses to “Nepal Vs Oman”

  1. Live Ipl said

    Live Ipl…

    […]Nepal Vs Oman « A Nepali passion for cricket[…]…

  2. Jeevan said

    Hey writer, yestrdy i enjoy by watching this site in my mobile being so exicted today also u wil provide the updates about todays match. Is there live ball by ball coment today???

  3. crayt21 said

    Emailed To ACC

    Request for Nepal cricket live updates

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a regular cricket follower of Nepal, actually a die-hard fan. Although I live in the U.S., I try and follow Nepalese cricket whenever and whereever possible. I acknowledge the fact that the ACC have done a good job in providing some scores of cricket matches through the ACC website, and we are all thankful for that. But it would be great, if you could try and provide faster updates for most of the games. Even something as updates every 5 overs would suffice. For fans like us, who stare at the computer screens for 8 straight hours looking for a slight change in scores, I don’t think it is too much to ask. I know the ACC does have funds available for something as miniscule as this. We would really appreciate your efforts on this. We are not asking for the games to be broadcasted live on the internet, but just a simple regular updates. I know the ACC is trying to promote cricket in all Asian regions which I am grateful for the efforts for, and also create a huge fan base for these countries. How can that be accomplished if fans do not even have the resources to watch their teams progress in the cricketing arena? Thus, I would like to plead the ACC to take some measures to have this issue resolved. Any kind of progress on this matter would be truly appreciated. Thanking you for your time and consideration.


  4. beshow said

    promishing win for nepal
    cheers for nepali teem………!

  5. We won the match by 6 wickets. a very convincing win over higher ranked team by ICC.

  6. cricketKuwait is damn slow, one of my friends in Kuwait so Im calling his mobile for updates, follow this

  7. hellow guys,

    send emails to ACC to pressure them to provide quick updates or live scorecards…

    here is their email address: media@asiancricket.org

  8. where r u updating from, guys?

    but cricketkuwait shows 97 for 4 in 26 overs 🙂

  9. 90/3 (29 overs)
    http://www.cricketfootball.wordpress.com quick updates

  10. crayt21 said

    oman 67/3

  11. Hemant said

    When will the match start?

  12. crayt21 said

    The Two Best teams in the ACC Elite Cup – Afghanistan & Nepal.

    My Ratings:-

    Bowling -9/10
    Batting – 10/10
    Fielding – 9/10

    Bowling -10/10
    Batting – 8/10
    Fielding – 9/10

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