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The Final: NEPAL vs Afghanistan

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on शुक्रवार, अप्रील 9, 2010

Today is the final day of the this ACC Trophy Elite 2010, where Nepal and Afghanistan is fighting for the title which they have not got yet.

This is the great opportunity to Nepal to get a title under their belt after getting WCL div 5 title in February and a much needed boost for upcoming div 4 tournament at Italy in August.

In the other end, Afghanistan is as strong as ever and in this tournament, they are much stronger after arriving their VC Mohammad Nabi who was very crucial in their wins against nepal in the past. But they have nothing to get from this tournament after being already in higher stage but Nepal has to prove themselves, they are not minnows anymore and have enough to upset any team like they did in U19 level.

let see what happen in the field. hopes high for Nepal…. go Nepal go..

Check this for live ball by ball commentary http://www.asiancricket.org/0409_afnp.htm

and www.nepalkuwait.com.


42 Responses to “The Final: NEPAL vs Afghanistan”

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  7. Rajiv said

    Nepal gonna be 5 th time winner, definitely NEPAL The winner

  8. livescore said

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  9. Sudip said

    What’s happening to the team? The best bowler in the team doesn’t get place in the game, fast bowlers don’t get more than six overs. I think there’s a problem with Paras Khadka who has ego problem with senior players. I also think he considers himself as the best bowler and bowls too many overs and also give too many to his friend Rahul. CAN should look into the matter and solve the problem. Otherwise it might cost up dear in future costing our dream to play or in as near as possible to world cup.

  10. Shahzar khan said

    finaly afghanistan won the the battle field. Looking forward for their comming to afghanistan. They have really done good job esp. The ballers

  11. rahul said

    nepal can’t lose

    • Mohammad S. Perdes said

      Afghan cricketers proved that they are the best. They beat Nepal by 96 runs with two magnificent half centuries from Karim Sadiq and Raees Ahmadzai (and 48 from Mohammad Nabi). The prayers of our nation are with these young champions and I am sure that they will soon shock the world by beating the best teams ever.

      Nepal cricketers also did a great job by winning all of their first 4 matches and showing the world that they can be the best too. I think they had not played in the finals since 2002, but they will do their best in the next tournament.

  12. Afghanistan is fastly going ahead. Wright now the score result of the Nepal is 43/3 and 13th over is about to final.

  13. Farhad Amin said

    Afghanistan people pray for winning of Afghanistan and we are sure that we will win inshallah.

  14. Bryalai said

    Go go go out 3 player

  15. Bryalai said

    Out other 3

  16. Bryalai said

    Afghan team love u

  17. Bryalai said

    I also pray for afghan cricket team to win go Go Go l0ng live afghan team

  18. surat khan said

    we will win this match i pery for my afghan teem we have a very strong boling.

  19. Bryalai said

    Wow we r so happy that afg will be the winer inshulah we bring the cup to our h0me

  20. if u want to listen audio commentary then click on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nepalkuwait/v3

  21. krishnaoli said

    what happen nepali cricket web page today ???
    i don’t know latelst score too

  22. arjun said

    यो क्रिकेटको साईड डाउन भएर हो कि कसो खुल्देन। लौन कसरी अपडेड हुने हो यो स्कोरको लागि।। उपाय पाउहै साथिहरु

  23. raghav gautam said

    hey the sites for watching live score update is not working.can anyone suggest me the site for live score update..???

  24. Sumit Buddhacharya said

    Its 14-2 after 6 overs..

  25. Sumit Buddhacharya said

    we get a wicket…..yupppppppyy

  26. Sumit Buddhacharya said

    We need early wicket..Afghans have a strong batting. their players have scored double centuries in international tournament..


    AFG 11 3.0 overs

  27. good decision to start with spin bowling.
    it seems nepal has worked on their game plan. nice… 🙂

  28. oh what is this? Mahboob misses the team? what happen to him?
    surprising? another big decision by Paras

  29. oh what is this? Mahboob miss the team? what happen to him?
    surprising? another big decision by Paras

  30. Sumit Buddhacharya said

    Nepal won the toss and elected to field first.
    I pray it turn out to be the right decision.

  31. Nepal have won the toss and elected to field

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