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About the issue of Sharad’s Citizenship

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on मंगलवार, अप्रील 27, 2010

Few days ago, I saw a news about a delegation to Home Minister regarding Sharad’s Citizenship lead by our Taekwando Star Dipak Bista who is the president of Nepal National and International Players Association (NNIPA).

Sharad Vesawkar has been playing for the country for the last eight years but now facing tremendous problems and pressure in the lack of citizenship. Vesawkar, is a son of a Nepali mother and a foreign father and born in UAE, a star of Nepali cricket and serving Nepal to make us proud Nepali.

He lost his father in 2002 while he was playing U-14 Asia Cup for the country in the UAE. He is one of the major players in Nepali squad. He had important role when Nepal won U-19 Asia Cup in 2003 and 2005 as well as ICC World Cricket League Division 5 last month where he scored his maiden century as senior player and earlier he had scored another century in the level of U15.

I strongly support him to get a citizenship as he has been living in the country for the long time and serving country for the long time.

By the way, here in Korea, as a son or daughter of a mother can get a citizenship but he or she has to fallow their mothers cast. Interestingly, women are not forced to change their cast after marrying to other cast in Korea. And for Sharad I suggest him to take his mother’s cast which will be more familiar to our society.


3 Responses to “About the issue of Sharad’s Citizenship”

  1. suraj hazare dahal said

    Sharad should also use his mother surname . Me too is one of the victim of citizenship as my mother is Nepali and father is Indian foreigner . From birth I was given surname of father so I can’t change my surname as only father surname is in Class 8 district level certificate , in SLC certificate , in + 2 certificate . Though atleast I don’t have Nepali citizenship Iam under the law of constituition as interim constitution 2063 says if Nepali girl marries foreign man & then if child is born in Nepal then they can get second class acquired citizenship but Sharad Vesawkar was born in UAE . But why he don’t write his mother name or ask media to use surname of both his mother and father . Iam fighting for citizenship by writing feedback after articles comes in newspaper . I dialed 1111 in hello sarkar hotline number . Iam proud say my both parents surname .
    Yes I too go with Prabin , he should use is mother surname . Jaya Nepal .
    This nation can keep me as refugee in my own nation but doesn’t have gut to kick from my own country . Everyone says motherland not fatherland . I was in womb of Nepali mother for 9 months not in foreign mother. Shame on such foolish who says Indian Prashant Tamang as Nepali who salute Indian flag and sings national anthem but foolish thinks he is Nepali only because his caste Tamang is also in Nepal and he can speak English . Then if I speak and write proper Englisg then Iam American ??
    Jananai Janma Bhumischa Swargadari Gariyesi .

  2. RESS said


    While the Racial Citizenship Conference 2012 is being planned please feel free to get familiar with the new and improved colour coded approved and extended



  3. dpak05 said

    I totally agree with you prabin.

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