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CAN called players for closing camp…

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on मंगलवार, अप्रील 27, 2010

Himalayan Times, KATHMANDU:

Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) today named a preliminary 20-member squad for the ICC World Cricket League Division-IV slated for August in Italy.

The cricketers will undergo closed camp training here from May 1. All 14 cricketers, who were part of the team that defeated the USA in the World Cricket League (WCL) Division-V final here in February, were recalled for the camp.

Among the players called for the closed camp were Paras Khadka, Gyanendra Malla, Shakti Gauchan, Sharad Vesawkar, Mahesh Chhetri, Anil Kumar Mandal, Dipendra Chaudhary, Basant Regmi, Binod Das, Sanjam Regmi, Rahul Kumar BK, Mehboob Alam, Binod Bhandari, Amrit Bhattarai, Naresh Bahadur Budhayer, Subhash Khakurel, Manjit Shrestha, Prithu Banskota, Sunam Gautam and Pradeep Airee.

Apart from Nepal and the USA, the tournament also includes Italy, Tanzania, Argentina and Cayman Islands. The tournament is part of the 2015 World Cup qualifiers.

It is really nice to know CAN called the players so early which could be called as krambhangata (breaking the continuity). CAN was famous for making 4 or 5 weeks close camp for any tournament. Now calling players so early, they could select players and give them more practice matches.

I want to request CAN to organize a tournament with ‘A’ teams from our neighbor four test playing nations where our players can get enough practice  and learn from the difficult times at these matches.

If not possible to organise a tournament then invite some teams from test team and send our team to the test playing countries.


16 Responses to “CAN called players for closing camp…”

  1. RaWAL said

    hiiiiii….. i am ravinder rawal. i am citizen of nepal but live in india…. i am big fan and my passion is cricket… i want to be join nepal cricket team……….. plz tell me how can i do for this???

  2. greyblazer said

    My views on yesterday’s match between Nepal and Argentina.


  3. greyblazer said

    I wrote a small article on yesterday’s match.


  4. reaz said

    Hi to all

    Prabinji , are you going to open a match entry for USA vs Nepal? Please do – we like to follow the matches through your threads.Thanks in advance.

  5. kiran said

    we want more news from this website

  6. pradip said

    mepali cricket have very good future

  7. pradip said

    nepali cricket have very good future….

  8. schedule here http://cricketnepal.wordpress.com/2010/07/28/schedule-for-wcl-division-4/

  9. Nepalson said

    The deadline for confirming participation for Asian Games is only few days left but but CAN has forgot to do so, maybe. Please write an article about this.

  10. greyblazer said

    It is great to see so much passion for cricket in Nepal. I have decided to follow Nepal cricket and I wrote a blog on Nepal cricket. Please have a look at my blog and Nepal cricket.



  11. krishnaoli said

    very nice news so we have a lot of time thanks for great job we are all love you can we are with you together

  12. dpak05 said

    Wow! Now the CAN is trying to improve its reputation with this KRAMBHANGAT and its a positive step. Its really a kind of goodness for the development of Nepali cricket. I think many player will get the maximum opportunity to improve and shine their talent during their practice session. And on the basis of every players’ peformance and current form in the practice session the final players should be selected for div IV. If its been implemented then we could expect far more better in Div IV. I would like to wish all best to all nepalese player for the WCL div iv.

    a real nepali

  13. binod said

    wow manjit is back after 6 years.

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