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Team announced for ACC U19 Elite Cup

Posted by Prabin the सोभित on शुक्रवार, अप्रील 17, 2009


    Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has selected an 18-member Nepali squad including four reserve players for the ACC U-19 Elite Cup slated to be held in Kuwait from April 22 to 1st May.

    The selection committee formed under the coordination of Arun Kumar Aryal selected the players from close camps, states a press release issued by CAN Thursday. Roy Luke Dias is the coach of the squad and Mahesh Rijal is assistant coach. Sailesh Kumar Chaudhary is the team manager.

    Nepali squad: Gyanendra Malla (captain), Aakash Gupta, Aantim Thapa, Sagar Khadka, Amrit Bhattarai, Lal Bahadur Adhikari, Rom Shrestha, Chandra Saud, Sunny Pun, Anupam Singh, Suvash Pradhan, Rupesh Srivastav, Anil Kumar Mandal and Prithu Baskota.

    Reserve players: Hasim Ansari, Naresh Budhayar, Nabin Shahi and Rahul Kumar BK.


15 Responses to “Team announced for ACC U19 Elite Cup”

  1. australian cricket…

    […]Team announced for ACC U19 Elite Cup « A Nepali passion for cricket[…]…

  2. कति विकेट जानु नि।

    हामी हारिसक्यौ अरु के लेख्नु

  3. bishnu kandel said

    brother kati wiket gayo natra k ko website chalayera baseko

  4. deepak said


  5. deepak said


  6. deepak said

    which side a show a score can u tell ma current score any body

  7. Nadine said

    Hi there,
    pardeshi.wordpress.com – da best. Keep it going!

  8. crayt21 said

    I don’t the the game against Saudi Arabia has started. But anyone know the results of the practice matches??

  9. sorry for misunderstanding, though I was thinking, 5 teams to quilify.

    till now, I dont have information about live scores. But hoping at http://www.asiancricket.com and http://www.myrepublica.com, lets see.

  10. Noire said

    SO does anyone know the score…or where we can get live score feed?

  11. crayt21 said

    Actually Afghanistan got ODI status but they won’t play in World Cup because they were 5th in the tournament, and only the top 4 will play in the world cup.

  12. ya, it’s a bitter feeling to get far behind from Afghani. I believe, our boys are not that much worse than afghani but that semifinals are costing us expensively.

    Congratulation to Afghanistan for getting ODI status and chance to play in world cup. They were performing well in every tournaments.

    As far as I know, there is not any practice match for us as they are going there today and tournament starts on april 22. But lets hope, our players are good to overcome from these tournaments to play Youth World cup.

  13. crayt21 said

    It is sad that Nepal have not been able to get ODI status while Afghanistan have. So now, Afghanistan will get EXTRA funding from the ICC for the development of cricket and they will also get to play ODI class games. They will have better exposure as they will play stronger teams and improve themselves. While Nepal senior side has been kinda stuck in the place for the last decade. We know that our batting has always been the main problem when scoring over 200 against a regular team is so difficult. I think our bowling is slightly better than that of Afghanistan and UAE. But out batting is very poor compared to these two countries. This is why they have surpassed us in international tournaments. Roy Dias has done a great job with the Nepali team but considering he is a ‘batsman’ you would think that our batting would be better?

  14. crayt21 said

    Anybody know if Nepal’s had any good practice matches?? I heard some other teams participating got a chance to practice against the likes of English county teams and Sri Lankan teams.

  15. Here is my prefered lineup for the tournament:

    Sunny Pun ________________ Batsman
    Anil K. Mandal _____________ Batsman
    Anupam Singh _____________ Batsman
    Gyanendra Malla (*) ______ Allrounder
    Antim Thapa ______________ Batsman
    Rom Shrestha _____________ Allrounder
    Prithu Baskota _____________ Allrounder
    Subash Pradhan ___________ Wicket Keeper
    Lal Bdr. Adhikari ____________ Bowler
    Rupesh Srivastav ___________ Bowler
    Amrit Bhattarai ____________ Bowler

    What do you have think? Do you have any?

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